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Contempo Catastrophes

Bar. Multicolored cocktails! Go-go dancers! Flashing lights! And then Ronnie's dancing on the bar. Because of course he is. Allison and Rex sit in a corner and flirt, as is their wont, the other dancers tell us. Rex wants to go home, but Allison's having fun. It's all very tedious and manufactured and The Hills-y.

The next day, Rex and Allison take their dogs for a walk. Rex tells us again that he loves Allison and that she loves using him as emotional support and for attention. They rehash the previous evening. You know, the part of the show that we just saw. Yawn. And then they have a tearful conversation about how Allison likes to torment Rex and Rex isn't so much into the masochism. When she cries her nose looks more prominent, bless her heart. This whole scene reminds me of a Garfunkel & Oates song. But it seems like this might be the final nail in the coffin for the doomed "love" of Rex and Allison? Maybe? Please?!

Allison scampers off to have lunch with Christiana and ask for advice, as Christiana is happily married and not crazy. Allison apologizes in case she falls asleep, and Christiana diplomatically observes that everyone looks tired. I should look so tired as Allison, good Lord. Christiana suggests that Allison go cold turkey on Rex, which is so smart that you know Allison isn't going to listen at all. Christiana points out that it's really obvious to the entire company whenever Allison breaks Rex's heart again, because he's so thin-skinned that he makes it everyone's business. And she manages to mask the self-interest inherent in basically saying, "Do not fuck up my partner, bitch." Christiana says they just need to get through the two weeks of performances and then Allison can go back to tormenting Rex for fun and profit.

Three days to opening night. Rehearsals are now on the stage. Adam says this is the point when he gets really nervous, which is understandable. Moving out of the rehearsal space is always a big adjustment. I just can't believe they only have three days to put this on stage. And Rex says this is the first day they're rehearsing with "the fifty-foot silk." The WHAT? Yes, this ballet involves a giant piece of white silk. Which Tom keeps getting tangled up in. The mistakes look quite comical, actually.

First stage rehearsal for "Paquita." Ronnie, in his costume (which has the most ENORMOUS codpiece) says he loves "go time," because it gives him the opportunity to show that he deserves to be a principal. Well, he has the ass for it. Adam says this is Ronnie's first opening night with Ballet West, and despite his big talk Ronnie does seem to have some nerves that are getting the best of him. Maybe the codpiece is just throwing him off-balance.

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