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Tempo Tantrums

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Contempo Catastrophes

Allison runs through her solo and gripes that the conductor is still going too fast. Adam agrees with her, but tells Allison not to make a face in her frustration. She goes backstage and flomps dramatically on the floor. After the commercial break, she goes back out and asks to run through it again. The conductor asks what tempo she'd like. Elena reassures Allison that she's doing well. Indeed, the problem now seems to be all in her head rather than her legs. Ronnie observes that despite the tempo problems, Allison is behaving rather unprofessionally. She goes backstage to cry on Christiana's shoulder. Rex is lurking in a shadow, glowering. Adam throws a little hissy at Elena, that there are too many angry faces and so many loose ends that need tying up. It all looks like the familiar chaos of right before a show opens, frankly.

Next week: Opening night. Ronnie gets nervous and stops flirting. Allison gets the yips. And Beckanne seems like the best-adjusted person at Ballet West. Oh dear.

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