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Tomorrow Is One More Day I Get to Dance

Previously on Breaking Pointe: Dread Boyfriend's shitty behavior drove Allison back into Rex's burly arms, while C&C Dance Factory's marriage looks irreparably broken. And Adam is taking the dancers to LA for a fund-raiser. This is it, ballet fans! Don't get scared now.

Venice Beach, California. So different from the snow-blown winterscape of Utah in February. Chris recounts in a talking head how thrilled everyone was to travel and get exposure for the company. The dancers, all looking fabulous in sunglasses, take selfies on a balcony overlooking the ocean. Christiana is noticeably hanging back. Allison hollers at everyone to smile for her camera and then in a talking head bemoans how much time she's wasted on Dread Boyfriend when she could have been having athletic sex with Rex every spare minute of the day. Rex tells us he just wants to be friends with Allison. Oh, sweetie. Your eyebrows know you're lying.

Back in the frozen tundra, Ian cleans out his locker. In his talking head, he says Ballet West isn't the only company in the world and he's confident he can find someplace to do the job he loves and be happy. As Ian leaves the building, Zach watches from an upper floor. Ian is standing in the middle of the street (albeit in the crosswalk), ruminating on the vagaries of life, which seems kind of dumb, since getting hit by a Toyota Tundra would really throw a monkey wrench into his career.

The dancers pull up to the mansion where the fund-raiser will be held as Allison tells us what they'll be dancing: Rex and Christiana are doing Cinderella, Beckanne is doing a piece from La Esmeralda, and Rex and Allison are doing a contemporary number. And I kind of wonder why they brought Ronnie. To pass around canapés? To entertain ladies of a certain age? Ol' Gimpy Pervert himself enthuses about how awesome the house is and volunteers to be the pool boy if only he can stick around. Well, Ronnie, if you insist.

Adam runs an impromptu class in the ballroom where the dancers will be performing. They've brought some barres with them and Adam runs them through their pliés and tendus. Christiana delivers the latest installment in her nine-part lecture series, Things Christopher Has Done Wrong That I Will Refer to Obliquely, telling us yet again how seriously she takes performing. Yeah, sweetheart, we've noticed. She also repeats that she needs to go home and get her life in order, and I'm beginning to feel like Christiana's vows to reevaluate her marriage are kind of like how I periodically swear to clean out my kitchen cabinets and really organize all the mismatched Gladware and shit. I never do it, but it does make me feel responsible for like ninety seconds whenever I think about doing it.

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