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Bar time. The dancers are having pizza and beer and tequila shots. Allison is telling Rex that Ronald and Katie will be fine if they have to do long-distance. Rex reflects that he'd be really upset if Ronald left Ballet West. He's looking forward to seeing his family so they can advise him. (To do what? Rex doesn't have a choice to make, except the conscious choice to stop spending time with Allison so she can beat the shit out of him all the time.)

San Francisco! The Brothers Tilton meet up with their sisters, brother, and parents, all of whom look adorable and wholesome. Their mom, Dina, says she convinced her sons to take ballet by telling them it would make them better at soccer. And it stuck. Middle brother Raymond looks even more like a Ken doll than his brothers. He's adorbs. At a restaurant, Ronald talks about his Katie woes. Bottom line, he says, he and Katie want to dance together, but they want to dance, first and foremost. Dina is very practical and says that a job is a job, and jobs are scarce. In fact, the whole Family Tilton seems very logical and levelheaded and they're all like a breath from just dope-slapping Ronald into signing his freaking contract.

Back in Salt Lake City, Ronald and Katie take a little stroll. Ronald repeats some more stuff about how he's torn between Rex + Ballet West and Katie. They sit down and he tells her he's staying with Ballet West. Which, of course he is. The kid is nineteen. He needs to stay where he can work and learn and where Rex can remind him to eat vegetables. Katie has a sad.

Next time: The dancers take mud baths, Ronnie goes to a tattoo parlor, and maybe Beckanne will get more than three lines?

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