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Previously on Breaking Pointe: This year's show is Cinderella, and everyone is panicking about whom Wendy will choose for the leads. Rex and Ronnie are both injured, but Ronnie's is much more serious. Beckanne is dating Chase, and her gay boyfriend Zach is way too into their relationship.

We pick up with Beckanne and Chase at her place. They've achieved détente after last week's party brouhaha, and are having some bonding moments before a busy week of casting. After they talk about work for a minute or two, Beckanne changes the subject to Zach and how he's jealous and possessive and keeps flinging himself in between the two of them. Chase seems to understand the pitfalls of pursuing a career in ballet as a handsome straight man — and the bonuses of pretty ladies everywhere do seem to outweigh many of those pitfalls — but he has an air of, "ugh, this again."

Adam arrives at work and sets out this week's stakes: the lead roles in Cinderella. At class, everyone sweeps their arms around and does that exacting stuff with the feet that just gives me sympathetic charley horses. Zach exposits that he feels like Beckanne took his best friend away from him; he is directly across the barre from her as they run through their exercises, and is attempting to ignore her in the most obvious way possible.

On to Zach's other grievance: his competition with Ian to make it into the main company. Ian solicits some advice about a relevé (or something) from Chris and then Zach comments to Ian that even when he asks for help, Adam and Chris don't pay attention to him. Zach sadly says that he's worked since he was nine for a career, but he might lose it because Ian is taller, a harder worker, etc. And maybe because Ian isn't spending all his time scheming and whining.

Ian escorts his girlfriend, Allyson (do the reality show gods allocate names or something and Breaking Pointe couldn't afford enough because they're on the CW so we have Ronnie and Ronald and Allison and Allyson and Chris and Christiana and last season's two Katies? Are they doing this to me on purpose?), to the train station and talking heads that he asked her to move in with him in Salt Lake City, so they're planning to find an apartment once he gets the job with Ballet West. They make out a little and talk about how terrible the waiting is, with their whole lives hanging on Adam's decision. Ian says he wants the American Dream with Allyson, and he's committed to working for it.

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