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Zach talking heads some more about how he and Chase were best friends and Chase is dumping him for Beckanne. Um… it doesn't have to be like that? God. Children are so tedious. I can't believe I'm siding with Beckanne, but Zach is either getting a villain edit or he's being a monstrously selfish little jerk. (Or both. It could be both.) Can we go hang out with Silver and a bottle of tequila now?

The Ballet West 2 babies are having class with the grown-ups, so Beckanne and Chase are being flirty and Zach is glaring from like four feet away. Beckanne talking heads that the three of them used to be very close, but since two of the three started sleeping together, the third felt excluded. As she says this she does a lisping imitation of Zach, and, well, that sympathy was short-lived! Ugh.

Summer fairy tryouts. This is a role, apparently. Adam explains that in the ballet, Cinderella is assisted by the four fairies of the four seasons. Beckanne is trying out along with three other dancers, and she says Wendy's harder to please than any teacher she's ever had. Well, yes. She's kind of a big deal, no? In her talking head, Wendy calls her "Becky-anne." Which I love. She says she's worked hard on the summer fairy part with Becky-anne, but that's cut in with her repeatedly saying, "No. No. No. From the beginning." Becky-anne is pouting.

Winter fairy tryouts. Liz and Allison are auditioning, which will make things at their place very comfortable. Allison invokes The Dread Boyfriend Jonathan when she says she wants to dance an exciting role in what could be her last show. She explains that learning winter fairy is very painful — it's basically two minutes on pointe, and OW. VICARIOUS OW.

Liz ices her foot while Silver runs down the way the ladies get the short end of the stick in ballet: those torture devices they wear on their feet, plus the insane need to be a tiny, tiny lady so boys can pick you up. Silver, come sit near me. Allison pulls off her shoe and when I see her big toe I actually scream out loud. It is not a toe. It is an ex-toe. I can't even tell if she has a toenail or if it's just…I'm going to go hurl now, you guys. SO much for my brownie-in-a-cup.

Cavalier tryouts. Adam reminds us again that Josh is a rare dancer, because the ballet world as a whole tends to be rather lighter in skin tone than he is. Malin, who's helping Wendy stage the ballet, runs the boys through their paces. The four cavaliers are soldiers, Adam explains, and their dance is very militaristic, all in unison. Josh is eager to get the role, but he flubs the end of the movement repeatedly, getting frustrated as Malin tells him, "Just support your leg!" Then Josh tells us his background is in hip-hop dance, so he's basically the reverse Julia Stiles in Save the Last Dance? He falls again and Zach laughs. But then as we go into commercial we see Josh without his shirt, and he's just stunning. So he has that going for him.

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