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Oh lord. Zach has comically tiny dogs he's walking. I just want to ask him to be a little bit less of a stereotype, like could they show us that he's really into World of Warcraft or he likes to build model replicas of World War II bombers? He brings the pocket dogs to Allison's apartment, where they have coffee and she tells him about The Dread Boyfriend Jonathan. Zach was under the impression that she and Rex hasn't broken up, which leads me to believe that Zach isn't actually a member of Ballet West 2 but this is some sort of Glee Project–style experiment for a superfan of season 1.

Zach says he's jealous of how Allison's dread boyfriend is a doctor, which has to make Zach's extremely patient fiancé, Scott, feel awesome when he sees this episode. Allison shows off photos of The Dread Boyfriend and Zach gushes. He's very pro Allison moving to Detroit, to the point where I am worried Zach might try to make himself an Allison suit and fly off to marry The Dread Boyfriend himself.

Ian and his brother, Keaton, play basketball. Keaton is trying to convince Ian to be more social with the company, but Ian is Team I'm Not Here to Make Friends. He compares himself to Michael Jordan in the '90s, saying he was a dick, but he won everything. Keaton, who looks like he enjoys a refined carbohydrate from time to time, is all, whatever you need to do, buddy. But judging from that last layup, Ian is no Michael Jordan.

Babies' class. Chris is hollering and striding around the room, checking out the dancers' form and expounding in a talking head how he's breaking the babies like they're horses, and he's evaluating raw material to make them the best dancers they can be. I feel like Chris has watched Center Stage maybe a few more times than even I have. He stops them and asks what "fondue" means. "To melt," say the eager young horses, who have not had cheese since they were toddlers. "I didn't see a lot of melting in this room," Chris smugs into his Nalgene. He tells them to do it again faster, and Chase looks like he just wants to lie on the floor and never get up again.

Christiana, doing that sewing thing that ballerinas do to their shoes, explains that she and Chris are spending a lot of time apart these days, which is tough for her, but she's trying to be strong and not let the rest of the company see how it's affecting her.

Adam and Wendy have dinner together and talk about the casting. She says Allison needs to be stronger in her arabesque. Adam suggests Josh or Zach for Napoleon, a character who is quite a comedian. (This version of Cinderella sounds bananas.) For the Cinderellas, Adam brings up Beckanne. Wendy demurs, saying she's too young. Wendy thinks Christiana is too tall to be Cinderella, and Adam mentions the problem with Rex's foot. Adam is worried about his prince options, and how this one show can make or break Ballet West's reputation as a top-notch company.

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Breaking Pointe




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