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The Bridezilla Who Wasn't

Two weeks before her wedding, Shelayna and her mom need to go to the craft store for more wedding goods. Around the house are bows and flowers, and I think that they are making all of the decorations themselves. It's quite a change of pace from the past few brides. The ladies make a list and ask Bart if he's going with them. He says yes, and when Shelayna is completely baffled he assures her he was joking. His delivery needs some work; I didn't realize it was a joke either, but his protestations that he was kidding are quite genuine and I believe that he'd rather take a bath with a toaster than accompany these two. Naturally, then, this makes Mom decide that he needs to go with them as their driver. In my book, he gets a pass for everything that happens from here on out on this little excursion, since he already said he didn't want to go (and they seemed to not need his "help" at all either.)

Once they force Bart out to the truck, he drives as the women blather on about crafty things and how much they need to buy. As soon as they walk into Unnamed Store That Looks Quite Like Michael's, Bart wanders off like a lost child and starts playing with everything he comes across. The women make fun of him, and then begins the yelling. Oh, the yelling. Shelayna's voice is already on the edge of screechy, and in a montage it starts to resemble fingernails on a chalkboard. Bart keeps playing unfunny jokes on them, they keep yelling, and I resist the urge to hurl something at the TV since all of them are so annoying and dumb. Bart, be a human. But ladies? You asked for this and I have no sympathy. Don't tease him for being a dead weight when he never meant to be there in the first place. My favorite line out of her mouth is, "Bart, we should have left you at home." Good idea, brainiac. Then, just as Bart and the viewers see a light at the end of this scenic tunnel, she decides they need to have a quick meeting then and there to map out the reception hall, and they have an argument about where the food and drinks table should be. (Which, shouldn't this already be suggested by the people at the venue?) Mindy voice-overs, "While Shelayna is making the best use of her time, Bart's making the best use of his." He's napping in the cab, and although it's the first time he's been out of their hair, they gripe about this too. The guy's annoying, I know, but he also can do absolutely nothing right for these women. Sheesh.

Factzilla: Wedding showers are a Dutch tradition to provide for brides if their fathers disapproved of the groom. Hmm, I guess that means that had I married some of my past boyfriends, I'd be having a really kick-ass party beforehand.

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