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The Bridezilla Who Wasn't

Shelayna is taking the decorations to the reception hall, and only has a few hours since it's the day of the rehearsal. She's sans makeup and still looks really cute, and I'm now my mom, wondering why she bothers to spackle her face up each day. I bet she could take hours off of her morning routine. All but one person supposed to help her didn't show, so she starts barking orders at everyone who is there, including Mom, Bart, and her friend Leticia. Once the montage of loading the trailer is over, she's in her Mustang, fighting horrible cell service and dropped calls on her way to the venue and pissed out of her mind. This is starting to sell the bridezilla side of her, but I can't say it's pushed my judgment over the edge, because when it comes to cell-phone road rage, I'm a big old pot to her kettle.

The reception hall apparently isn't in the actual castle where the ceremony will be held, and it resembles a community center auditorium with folding tables and some rope lights strung up. While she's directing where things should go, the shot is brilliantly framed (I know, I can't believe I just said that about this show either) to show Bart balancing a folding chair on his chin like a circus performer. She finally yells at him, though I don't think she actually saw the chair antics. I strongly suspect that their viewing of this episode involved her hitting him some more when she realized what he'd been doing. There's an arty "Where is Bart?" montage, and I start to wonder why she doesn't just get him one of those little harness leashes. It would make life much easier for her. By the time she's done in the hall, though, she's done a really nice job with white covers on all of the chairs and black-and-white tablecloths with poinsettia centerpieces. It looks completely different from when they arrived earlier. And with that Shelayna and Bart are done for the week, with promises of tantrums and furniture-kicking to come.

Back at Sanity Central, it's two days before the wedding and time for Angela's shower. Ysadora does in fact rock as much as Angela says, and has put together a really fun-looking party. She's cutting flowers, there's tons of food, and when the guests arrive it seems like a really nice group that I'd really like to hang out with. Angela seems completely touched and thrilled with her shower. She's less thrilled by her mom's sundress. But even this all seems good-natured, as she calls to harass her dad about how he let her mom go somewhere in a sundress during winter. Though she keeps saying, "What are you wearing?" her mom just laughs it off, and it seems much more like their usual rapport than anything aggravated or offensive. After the shower is over, Mindy tries to convince me that she's really mad about her mom's whole wardrobe and Angela tells her, "Show us your dresses, woman." Her mom brings down a handful of dresses that Angela says she vetoed months ago and we hear her reasons why (white, too summery, et cetera). This whole thing was so clearly and pathetically staged, since Angela's mom would have to bring all of these dresses over to Angela's house for this bit, and is just to build up to Angela bringing out the dress she picked for her mother to wear and telling her she'll also take care of the jewelry. I suspect her mother's fashion sense is a years-long debate between the two, what with the way each is smiling during the whole exchange. Angela looks exasperated, her mom just laughs. I can imagine that this scene has played out many times before and that the show was just trying whatever they could at this point to portray Angela as crazy. Ysadora also cracks up when Angela asks her mom, "Are you insane?" And if Ysadora knows it's funny, then everyone should, because Ysadora is fantastic and I trust her every judgment at this point.

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