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She's Not Heavy, She's Regina

Her fiancé is doing shots with his buddies in his hotel room, which pisses her off even more, and I actually can't believe (despite the show's attempts to have me believe otherwise) how calm she really is. I mean, LyDee looks vexed to be sure, but if I were in her shoes, I would be shitting smoke at this point. "This makes me want to cry, because I feel like nobody's taking this seriously." Honey, they're not, and I'm so sorry, because you actually seem like a pretty sweet person who's just been pushed too far, and I wish I could have been there to help you out.

So, LyDee's wedding day is finally here. I think her cake actually looks kind of cool. Narrator: "LyDee is trying to put the problems of the past few days behind her, but that's hard when new problems keep popping up." Word. Something is wrong with her bouquet, as well as some plates of some kind. Naturally, this show is so poorly edited that they never get into what any of these problems actually are, they just show us shots of LyDee getting pissed, which...good for her. Finally, her make-up artist arrives, and gives her a chance to relax a bit. And, I have to say, I really like the way her make-up looks. But it seems that they're running really late: "The wedding is supposed to be over in fifteen minutes." Whaps! Better get a move on, eh? Well, she hasn't even begun putting on her wedding dress, so there's no way her ceremony's going to start on time. We see a shot of the guests, from when we don't know. It looks pretty sparse, but the footage could be from a half hour before the ceremony's start time. LyDee's dad looks unamused. Finally, she gets the dress on, and she and her party make their move down to the ceremony.

All of a sudden, and I have no idea how this happened, LyDee is alone in what looks like the lobby of the hotel. Alone! Apparently, she needs a hand with her dress, but as she's alone, she corners some poor sap to help her pick up the bottom, and it's actually really hilarious because she keeps saying "no" every time he gets his hands on it, which makes him drop it. This happens about five times until he gets it right.

After this, she's waiting in a doorway, ready to walk down the aisle. She's fully vexed now. "Start! Start! Start! I'm ready!" "Tell her to sit down." She gripes up until the last possible second when she links arms with her dad, and finally lets it all go and smiles, which is nice to see because she has a rather pretty smile. The ceremony has begun.

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