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Nothing Says Marriage Like A White Pimp Hat

Once she's back to fighting form, she's yelling about the music, which is apparently "circus music" and not the Luther Vandross she's supposed to have. I laughed out loud when she asks, "Does this sound like any Luther Vandross you've ever heard?" There are cuts to the minister/manager of the place yawning in his chair, disregarding the music. Since he's not in his tux, I'll assume that wasn't what he was actually doing while playing the "circus music," but it's still clever and the only good thing the editors have managed to do this hour, so I'll give them the credit. Finally, the music starts -- also not Luther Vandross so much as it's "Ave Maria," but it's nice. She has a panic attack, and Michelle tries to calm her as the ladies proceed down the aisle. Now here's a tradition I never have heard of -- her daughter goes down the aisle clanging a cowbell and saying, "The bride is coming! The bride is coming!" Tradition or no, I never want something normally associated with cattle in my wedding ceremony. My favorite part of the whole ceremony, hands down, is what the men are wearing: white tuxedos, white HATS, and matching purple satin hatbands to match the bridesmaid dresses. I thought the giant tiger décor was my favorite part, but that's just been blown out of the water. She still cries from nerves during the ceremony, but she gets through it, and I do think that despite all the bossiness, he seems to really love her and she seems to really make it work. I am such a softie, what can I say.

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