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The Worst Fountain In Europe

BritBrit sings "Tomorrow" not in any key that actually exists. In the key of H minor, with a diminished 28th.

Computer shot of a private plane taking off. BritBrit voice-overs that they were on their way to shoot the "Outrageous" video in NYC and the flight was long and she says that they had some mimosas. And now we get footage of, clearly, a different flight, but Mo camera-talks that he saw them in a "deep" conversation (hysterically, the word "deep" landing on a shot of K-Fed sitting and smiling high-ly with his Von Dutch knit cap pulled down over one eye) and the "big brother" in Mo wondered what was going on. Boobney says she was nervous and K-FedNow! says it came out of left field and she asked him to marry her! Snap. That's bad. It's one thing to pick up a leech accidentally, it's another thing to be the one to actually pull the leech out of the swamp and attach it to your arm. K-FedNow! says he knew it was going in that direction but didn't expect her to just come out and ask him. Neither did her parents or agent or lawyers or accountant. Boobney says that she'd been thinking about it for a while but the booze helped. Romantikal! K-FedNow! says that he told her that no, it wasn't the way it was supposed to work, so he in turn got down on his knee and asked her. And he tells it so casually, as if he's describing a day shopping for hideous trucker hats and meth, and Boobney squinches up her face with emotion and he kisses her oily, jagged forehead. BritBrit then called Fee and "her mom" (I would pay a thousand dollars to see mama's face hearing the news) and "it's a new beginning" going to New York and leaving overseas and BritBrit wants to be married and "well, damn!" says BritBrit and the little shot of the plane wings to the side and the editors busted out a really ghetto Final Cut Pro plug-in as the plane's wing sprinkles fairy dust in the air before heading into the distance. Cuuute! Super-cuuuuute! And that's, thankfully, it.

Next week. Wedding. Ah! Fee. "The Secret Revealed." I guess they invited everyone over for an engagement party and instead it was the actual wedding. "You're joking!" says MamaSpears, realizing. Ha. That's going to be fun. Jamie-Lynn breaks down. Yeah, I would too. Shots of the wedding. K-Fed is nervous. They fooled everyone. And then a one-hour finale with a music video and a secret ending. Eh. "I" "can't" "wait." Later!

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Britney and Kevin: Chaotic




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