Britney and Kevin: Chaotic
Scared To Love You

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Blah, Smoking, Performing, Drunk, "Love?", Boxing, K-Fed Is Dirty

Well. You should be very proud of yourself, Susan Zirinsky, Executive Producer, along with BritBrit and K-Fed.

Next week...K-Fed babbles. BritBrit says she doesn't like him. Love is scary. BritBrit makes a wish into a fountain. Ack! It's Fee! BritBrit proposes to him on a plane. And that's it.

Here are some more people who should be very proud of themselves:

Co-EP Rob Klug.
Sr. Prod. Loen Kelley.
Sup. Prods. William Knight and Billy Murphy.
Prod. Dan Dymtrow.
Co-Prod. Jennifer Webster.
Producers Sara Rodriguez, Tom Costantino, and Michael Vele.
The only editor who is not also a producer, David Franklin.
Assoc. Prods. Matthew DeVeo, Anthony Venditti, and Linda Muse.
And Coordinating Prod. Allen Alter.

Congratulations, all! I know it's not your fault, but you produce very, very bad television. You make Philo Farnsworth cry. And the Baby Jesus.

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Britney and Kevin: Chaotic




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