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Credits and the theme song that sounds like a mistake, like an unreleased backing track to an actual song.

London. BritBrit sits in her make-up chair. She's nervous because this is going to be the first show K-Fed sees. Ahhhh! What's that --? Oh, it's just Felicia. I thought a monster had somehow gotten backstage. Poor Fee. She never asked to be on TV, let alone be put up to this sort of ridicule. But let's just pretend she did. Girl is not pleasant-looking. Fee uggs that they have "prayer" in five minutes. You better pray someone watches this show because it ain't doing so good. And while you're at it, you best thank the Lord that it's on UPN, because the ratings bar on that faux-network is lower than Beetlejuice's limbo stick. BritBrit "sings." K-FedNow camera-sleezes that BritBrit was nervous performing for him the first time and it was "hilarious." BritBrit then says he was in the front row and she'd always see him there. And he says she performs in front of so many people why would one person make a difference and then BritBrit says…God, this is like He Said, She Said but for morons. BritBrit didn't let him make comments or give his opinion on the show and told him, "Talk to the hand, cuz the face ain't listening." Sounds like a very loving and supportive relationship. I'm surprised it failed so miserably. (Sorry, I'm just fast-forwarding to six months from now.) BritBrit continues "performing." K-Fed then opines that perhaps she was nervous because she had "feelings." I have feelings when I look at him. Feelings of VOMIT!

After the show. BritBrit talks in a little-girl voice using night vision and showing the driver and the car they're in and K-Fed and he sticks his tongue out and she's happy because he can "talk" to her. But not about the show! With Plinky Strings of Leaving Your Baby Momma playing, K-FedNow talks about remembering how weird it was to drop "everything you know" to rush off to Europe. God, there was a serious breakdown somewhere in the Britney camp that no one told her that putting this privileged rich girl shit out to the public, and with such a stanky, skanky, repulsive, inarticulate dude, was a bad career move. Someone needs to get shitcanned right quick. BritBrit, glowing green from either the chlamydia or the night vision camera, stares into the lens and tells us she looks like a vampire. Now they both look into the mirror and stick their tongues out.

Denmark. BritBrit gets her make-up done. Wow, that girl spends more time in the chair then Sharon Osbourne. She camera-talks that she's never really liked someone but now she likes K-Fed. Wha? Poor Justin. She thinks he's cute and "older" and nice and cool and can kiss well. Well, he is older. She got that one right.

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Britney and Kevin: Chaotic




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