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The Airing Of Grievances
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Previously, Kitty miscarried, which was sad for everyone, but slightly less sad for Rob, which could end up being a problem. Lena began sleeping with Tommy and enabling Justin's drug addiction, making her an industrious addition to the cast, if not an overly popular one. Kevin gave Scotty an air mattress to sleep on, then hounded Saul about going to all-gay mixers and a lifetime spent in the closet. And Rebecca left the Walker Manse, so disillusioned was she with Justin's surreptitious pill-popping.

We open on Kitty's early morning wake-up call at the Walker Manse. It's Robert, who too-cheerfully informs her that it's 8:30 AM, Central time. That would be 6:30 AM Kitty time. Your fiancée just went through an ordeal, sir! Now is not the time to be waking her up at ungodly hours. Kitty relays a weird dream she had involving Robert and her school cafeteria. Probably because his skin tone reminds her of the chili con carne. Robert's calling because he can't handle his schedule on his own, and he needs to bitch to Kitty about being overbooked. He also asks who this "King of Pork" is, whom he's scheduled to meet later on. Is he in any way related to one Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago? Kitty, admirably refusing to let Robert draft her into being his on-call girl (not like that) all day, says to ask a staffer, "Melanie," who should be there any minute. On cue, in walks Melanie, with another random staffer whom Kitty also manages to peg over the phone. The King of Pork is, unsurprisingly, a pork industry lobbyist, and Kitty says to make sure Travis vets him. She tells Robert to be patient, don't fire anybody, and (she's too nice to add this, but I will) leave her the hell alone. Once Robert hangs up, in walks Travis with news of a scheduling snafu: it seems Robert's daughter is on her way to visit today rather than on Saturday like Robert thought. And since he can't cancel his meeting with the King of Pork, Travis says he'll just have to bring Sophia along. It's a barbecue, he says; "She'll love it." That's about when I told my TV that Sophia was totally going to turn out to be a vegetarian. Let's see if I was right!

The Harper Home For Heretofore Hussies. Rebecca and Holly are sitting down for a morning coffee-n-confessional. Rebecca, who looks like hell and obviously hasn't slept much, tells her mom that Justin's on drugs again. Not for his leg, like Holly thinks, but for whatever else you'd possibly use drugs for if not for completely above-board reasons (what?). That's partially why Rebecca moved out; also because she felt useless and didn't know what to do. All of the anger Rebecca had about this last week is gone and is now replaced by sadness and a kind of agitated helplessness, where she wants to do something but doesn't know what. Holly suggests she start with telling Nora, particularly since -- and she says that Rebecca doesn't know this, but I can't imagine that's true -- Justin overdosed last year. Rebecca totally doesn't want to tell anyone -- Justin would never forgive her. But Holly says she owes it to Nora (and Justin) to tell her.

Elsewhere, at a Disreputable Body Shop in a Bad Part Of Town, Justin's bugging his drug dealer, looking to score. The drug dealer -- I honestly can't say for sure if it's the same soldier he got pills from at the veteran's hospital, but I think so -- says he hasn't gotten Justin's pills yet and to stop bugging him. He'll call when they arrive. Justin's response to this is to twitch and sweat. His phone rings and it's Rebecca; she apologizes for "overreacting" about the pills thing earlier and wants to know if Justin wants to hang out later. They make plans to meet at the Walker Manse fairly soon. After she hangs up, the camera moves so we can see that Rebecca is already at the manse, and Holly, Nora, and Kitty are also in the room with her. I smell an ambush intervention!

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