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Paternal Intervention
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Hello! We're back in Walker heaven from our holiday hiatus and I for one am so sad to have missed Walker Christmas. While I haven't looked at the next few episodes, I am guessing that they won't make us re-visit Christmas so long after the real event. So I'm guessing no irate Kitty, no hurt Sarah, no sulky Rebecca, or touched Nora. Alas. But maybe if we are all good boys and girls Santa will bring us a Walker Christmas special next year.

If you don't remember where we left off, you will be quickly reminded that Elizabeth was sick and needed a liver transplant so the Walkers had no choice but to find out who is Elizabeth's bio-dad. Turns out Kevin's boys did their best hetero impersonation and made a baby with Julia's egg. Tommy was upset that he couldn't have been a contender for the surgery, but Kevin donated a sliver of his liver and Elizabeth was saved. Tommy and Kevin confess that there is residual animosity, but in true Thanksgiving television special style he and Kevin hugged and made up. Hooray!

Kevin is woken from a deep sleep by a loud wail coming through a baby monitor. There is no doubt that this is a dream sequence because they are using the patented Dream Sequence lights and filters and everything is white and glowy and the camera is shooting from a slightly off angle. In his dream Kevin rolls out of bed to find the source of the caterwauling. Turns out he is at Walker Manor. As he makes his way into the kitchen, Nora is cooking up a feast for Tommy, Julia, and Justin. It is, of course, liver. Glad to know that Kevin's unconscious has the same level of creativity as the script writers of Saw. Assuming Sawhas a script. Maybe it's all ad lib. Or maybe it's real! Anyway, I am disappointed in Kevin's unconscious. Kevin wakes up drenched in sweat and Scotty rushes to his side. Kevin's profuse sweating gets Scotty fantasizing about wounded war veterans and nurse uniforms, but further fantasies are interrupted by Nora's arrival on the scene. Kevin is ensconced in Walker Manor to recuperate under Nora's supervision and she won't let him or Scotty quickly forget that she was rated Number 1 in Patient Care in Southern California according to U.S. News & World Reports. She takes Kevin's temperature, cools him down with a washcloth, and demands he answer a litany of questions to prove he is not disoriented. She then chides Scotty for covering Kevin in too many blankets and bosses both Scotty and Kevin around so much that you know they will be out of that house in twenty minutes flat. Nora has also taken a precarious step towards Big Brother-ness (more Julie Chen than 1984) by putting a baby monitor in the room to listen for Kevin's every beck and call and whimper. Reinforcing my hunch that Kevin and Scotty will be making tracks soon, when Kitty and The Senator swing by Walker Manor to see Kevin, Nora pointedly remarks that Scotty was making rookie mistakes. Because apparently Nora is an old hand at caring for organ donors. Nora reminds The Senator not to get Kevin worked up, but The Senator assures her that he is there to visit his brother-in-law, not his communications director.

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Brothers and Sisters




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