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Paternal Intervention

At Cooper's school, Justin stands awkwardly proud in front of Cooper's class as he is introduced as the person Cooper most admires. Sarah sits in the audience documenting the event. How did they manage to keep Nora away? Cooper explains that Justin went to Iraq and Afghanistan, but the coolest thing about him as that he lives at home with his mom, doesn't have a job, and plays videogames all day. Sarah stops recording as Justin grimaces at the sound of the cold hard truth tumbling out of the mouths of babes.

Kevin is dreaming again. There is wailing coming through the monitor again, too. He follows the crying down the stairs of Walker Manor again. In his search for the source of the crying, he has to battle through the frontlines of the ongoing war between Nora and Doughboy Scotty to make it to the crib. As he fumbles with the blankets, he wakes up. That was an incredibly lame and predictable dream. I am wildly unimpressed. C'mon Kevin there's got to more going on in that hilarious head of yours.

Tommy and Julia sit with Elizabeth as she plays. Why does she get to be out of bed, fully dressed, and playing while Kevin lies motionless and surrounded by nursemaid-wannabes? Are the healing powers of the young really that much better? Julia wants to know what they are going to tell Elizabeth about Kevin. Tommy shrugs, uh, nothing? Julia is convinced that one day Elizabeth will notice that she and Uncle Kevin have the same scar and this will lead her to the inevitable conclusion that she is the product of sperm donation. Tommy really doesn't want to consider his daughter will ever think about sperm and asks Julia to not worry about it now and just enjoy the time together.

Kevin is sitting up in bed while Scotty tries to change his bandages. Kevin must be feeling under the weather because somehow he manages to refrain from making any sort of inappropriate comment despite Scotty's position. Once again I am disappointed. As Kevin winces in pain as Scotty futzes with the bandages, Scotty begs him to keep it down so Nora won't think he is inflicting Kevin with some sort of hemorrhage-inducing bandages. Speak of the devil and Nora appears. She is shocked at Scotty's flagrant over-ointmenting. She demands that Kevin take a shower as per the doctor's request and when he balks she insists. She tries to pull his pants down over both his and Scotty's horror. Nora pish poshes them, but really, it is mighty unseemly for a Boniva spokesmodel to be pulling the pants off her grown son. Don't these companies have moral clauses in their endorsement contracts anymore? What is the world coming to? Scotty feels my disgust and begs her to let him do it. They squabble over who has the rights to pants Kevin, which I firmly believe is in subparagraph two, clause A of the marriage contract. Kevin has finally had enough and kicks both of them out. Which I think was mighty unfair to Scotty. But Nora totally deserved it. Creepy!

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Brothers and Sisters




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