Brothers and Sisters

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Paternal Intervention

Kitty and The Senator argue about policy matters. They banter heatedly and then lunge at each other. Yeah, policy talk does that to me too.

Back from commercials and back into Kevin's whitewashed unconscious. Again. Really? Three dream sequences in twenty minutes? Are the writers still on vacay and they let their fifth-grade daughters write the scripts? My fifth-grade creative writing teacher put a moratorium on all stories that ended with "It was all a dream!" So enough with the dream sequences already! Unless Freddy freakin' Krueger is coming to wipe out the Walkers I want no more! So Kevin and Julia get it on in his dream. He is as creeped out as I am, which is satisfying. In fact, Kevin wakes up screaming in horror, which is perhaps a step further than I would take it. His horror continues as he realizes that Julia is sitting in bed with him. It wasn't a dream, man! Scotty comes rushing in to figure out why Kevin screamed and Julia wants to know why Kevin said her name in his sleep and Kevin just really wants to take a shower. Now! He hobbles off to wash off those filthy hetero thoughts.

Over at the office of the junior Senator from California, Kitty and The Senator recline in post-coital connubial bliss on a brown suede couch purchased by the taxpayers of the state. The Senator's shirt is unbuttoned to his pants, but still tucked in. Check out the abs on the junior Senator. Looks like someone's been rockin' the Bowflex! Kitty's shirt also has a few buttons undone, but she's wearing a camisole. It's like the stylist wanted to portray post-coital rumpledness without ever having had sex before and not realizing that more than a few buttons up top need to be undone. I mean really why would they tuck their shirts back in? Or bother to get fully dressed save for a few buttons left scandalously undone? Anyway I know this isn't HBO, but still. Kitty sighs that she missed "that." The Senator mistakenly thinks she is talking about the fornication, but she was talking about the policy wonking. Wank, wonk. She expects him to know the difference? Kitty can't remember the last time they had such great "brain sex." Trust me when I say that was her phrase and not mine. Because I have said some pretty retarded things over the years, but not that. The Senator likes brain sex, too. In fact, he likes it so much that he up and decides to fire Kevin and hire Kitty back as his Communications Director. Kitty giggles that she can't because of The Book, but The Senator thinks it has been long enough to look like she had her wrist slapped. Kitty laughs that they are having a baby! The Senator counters that they will cross that bridge when they come to it. Kitty does not mention that it would be incredibly cruel and insensitive to fire Kevin after he quit the law firm. Or that he has done a good job. Or that he just can't fire her brother. But instead Kitty giggles some more as The Senator heads out of the office. Obviously the staff stares in horror at the rumpled twosome.

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Brothers and Sisters




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