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Paternal Intervention

Sarah calls Justin in a desperate attempt to repair the damage of Cooper's hilariously honest show-and-tell. She knows Justin must be feeling humiliated and alone and she is worried about him. Hopefully he is just out getting a goddamned job, but knowing this show, he will be hitting the oxy instead. No matter how many interventions or days of sobriety, one bad day at show-and-tell and it's back to the hooch. Pill hooch. Whatever.

Nora is precariously balancing a tray of ginger ale, pills, and a flower when the doorbell rings. She manages to answer the door with tray in hand and flower and ginger ale upright, which I think portends a fabulous career as a waitress when Tommy is busted for embezzling millions of dollars out of the Nora McDonald House. Like father, like son! She opens the door to a polished gent who knows her. It's Roger, the much discussed (by Saul) illustrious architect. Despite having her hands full of tray, he hands her a book of his work. They aggressively chit chat for a second until Saul comes barreling out to say hello to long lost Roger. It's hard to tell if Roger is being set up as a love interest for Nora or as Saul's secret boyfriend. Nora is confused because she thought the meeting was cancelled. Turns out Saul ignored her and set up the meeting anyway. When Justin rolls past, Roger looks surprised that Nora's children are living at home. Nora bristles in response and then begs off the meeting due to her need to drop a tray in Kevin's lap. Unfortunately for Nora Scotty chooses right then to break the news that Kevin doesn't need lunch because he is taking a shower. Now she has no excuse not to go to the meeting. Nora looks really chagrined at spending the next hour listening to Saul wax rhapsodic over dappled light and vented porticos and plinths and clerestory windows. And she may have a point.

Kevin has made a break for it. He carved a tunnel through the walls of Walker Manor (hiding the hole with his Shaun Cassidy poster), tied his 600 thread-count sheets into a rope, and shimmied down one handed, fought off the dogs, dodged the lights, and made his way to Justin who is sitting alone in his jeep listening to his iPod. Which in my mind just reinforces the Justin-as-listless-teenager image. He's probably listening to the Jonas Brothers. Kevin bangs on the Jeep door to get his attention, hurriedly gets in the car and begs Justin to drive. Justin understands the need for escape, but isn't totally down with the idea of driving his very-recently released from the hospital brother to parts unknown. And why is Kevin ditching Scotty? Why doesn't he just tell Scotty to take him home and they can both be away from Nora's over-the-top ministrations? How pissed would you be if your husband ditched you? With your mother-in-law? Cripes, that's grounds for divorce in 47-states. (It's grounds for justifiable homicide in the others.) When Justin realizes that Kevin has not only failed to turn on the shower (and thus cover his escape), but also forgot to bring his pills, Justin curses Kevin and runs back to the house. Using all the tactical skills he picked up in Iraq, Justin scours Kevin's bathroom for pills. Nada. He turns on the shower just in time to prevent a Scotty incursion. As he surveys Kevin's room for the missing pills while simultaneously having a conversation with Scotty, things get dicey. Luckily he was well trained in the art of misdirection and pretends he was looking for a... trumpet. He tells Scotty that Kevin needs some alone time in the shower and heads downstairs to look for the pills. He spies them on Kevin's lunch tray, but just as he is about to grab them, Nora comes in. Curses! Justin fends her off with a wily use of gossip (Saul's mystery boyfriend) and finally escapes the house. Just like Basra, eh, soldier? Meanwhile, Kevin falls asleep in the Jeep and we have yet another dream sequence. Sigh. In this one he's pregnant! Justin makes it back to the car and starts it up to go go go, but Kevin wants to know where the other pills are. Justin just brought the antibiotics. Justin refuses to go back for the pain pills and unless Kevin wants to go in the house he will just have to deal. At least he won't go septic! Which I am sure will be great comfort for him when is trying not to writhe in pain in about an hour. Justin should really just go score something for him. It's only fitting. Besides, then they can have another intervention!

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Brothers and Sisters




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