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Paternal Intervention

Nora is hiding in the kitchen pretending to fix a snack for Kevin when Saul comes in and calls her out. He (and I) are having a hard time believing she is being so freakin' rude to a guest in her own home. Nora tries to play it off, but she finally admits that she will never hire this Roger fellow. Of course this Roger fellow has followed Saul into the kitchen in time to hear that tidbit. He offers to donate his services to her worthy cause, but Nora turns him down again because she's not a charity case. She says that with a straight face, which is pretty outstanding acting, because she totally is a charity case! Roger (and I) can't figure out what he did to tick Nora off so much since he hasn't seen her in 30 years. A lightbulb goes off, but Roger brushes it aside because there is no way this has to do with that moment at a party oh so long ago, does it? Nora blithers no, but Saul has to know what they are talking about. Roger claims that Nora hit on him (yo ho!), but Nora denies it flatly. She launches into an architectural defense of her decision not to hire Roger. She wants her Nora McDonald House to be a warm welcoming space for families. I'm thinking: white walls, red chairs attached to formica tables, open kitchen, yellow arches for flair? Roger interrupts her to describe the project in architectural terms: She wants a womb that is so warm and inviting that the progeny will never leave. Ah snap! Architectural snap! Nora glares at him and barks that she is not holding her children hostage. Scotty (of the impeccable timing) rushes into the kitchen to announce that Kevin has escaped. He left a note, but he's gone. Nora is left open-mouthed in agitation at it all.

Kevin and Justin are holed up in a hotel room that would be reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde or Dillinger except for the fact that the room is swank and right on the water. Kevin is trying to refill his painkiller prescription and Justin reminds him that he can't pick it up for him. Kevin knows that. We all know that. Justin cannot go near pain pills. Thanks for the reminder. Sarah calls to track down the fugitives. Kevin begs her to pick up his pain pills, since Justin can't (in case you forgot), but Sarah just wants to talk about Justin. Kevin has no idea what she is talking about so Sarah fills him in on how Justin was painted as total loser by a class of first graders. Heh. Kevin manages not to giggle, but it must be the pain keeping him back, because that shit is funny! Sarah wants the Walkers to collaborate and use Justin's humiliation as a catalyst for changing his life. I think they are going to have an intervention. I can smell it! It smells like peppermint and frustration.

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Brothers and Sisters




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