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Paternal Intervention

Kitty is prepping for a tough interview tomorrow. No, The Senator is not facing down Bob Schieffer on Meet the Press, but she is going to tout her book on The View. Those bitches are tough! But can you imagine how much Elizabeth Hasslebeck would just die over Kitty? Even though Kitty is pretty liberal, she is a Republican and married to a Republican Senator. Elizabeth's head would probably explode revealing her soft nougaty filling. The Senator interrupts the prep because he would like to get some work done, like, today. Kitty whispers that if he wants to continue to have brain sex doing "work" for the book tour is part of the deal. He sighs in agreement. As if the ears of their co-workers wouldn't perk right the heck up over hearing the word sex.

Justin and Kevin are watching a fake Food Channel show, which is really odd. Would they really create an entirely fake cooking show just for momentary use? There's no way it was a real show. It sort of looked like Master Class at Johnson & Wales , which is dry as toast and pretty bottom of the barrel as far as cooking shows goes, but it was shot from the ceiling straight down and people were wearing purple coats. It was really weird. It makes me miss the fake version of The Hills that Justin watched while he was recuperating. Before I can puzzle over the origins of the fake show anymore, their viewing is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Sarah with Tommy and Kevin's pain pills in tow. Kevin asks after Elizabeth, who is out training for the triathalon. Justin is worried about Nora sending the cavalry, but Tommy, Sarah, and Kevin have a small confession: It's an intervention! Excuse me I have to scream in simultaneous glee and aggravation. As Tommy and Sarah launch into Justin's complete lack of career goals and his constant video game playing, Justin pretty quickly figures out what is going on. He won't stand for it (thank god, because I don't think I could sit through another Walkervention) and gets up to go. Although Kevin tries to dissuade him, Justin is firm about going home. The mention of home makes Sarah realize the problem. She, Kevin, and Tommy exchange more looks and then barricade the exits. Justin rolls his eyes. I try to pluck mine out. Did you ever see that episode of How I Met Your Mother where the gang reminisces over their intervention phase and then they all end up having an intervention intervention? That's what the Walkers need.

Nora takes the sheets off of Kevin's sick bed with her lips pursed in frustration. Scotty comes in tentatively asking if she talked to Sarah. Nora replies that she did talk to Sarah and Kevin is with Justin. Scotty looks surprised that she didn't bother to tell him that Kevin was okay. They finally have it out as much as one can with one's mother-in-law, well, actually it was far short of the dressing down she got from The Senator. Scotty grumbles about how he was just trying to care for his husband and Nora was way too nitpicky. As Nora snipes in response, Scotty gets all Nancy Drew on a towel and magically figures out where Kevin is hiding. Scotty ends the conversation by announcing that he will get out of her hair and instead of chasing after him to apologize (as she should), Nora yells fine! Good grief woman, eat some bran or something.

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Brothers and Sisters




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