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Paternal Intervention

Back at the interminable intervention, the Walker siblings have all realized that Justin needs to move out of Walker Manor. The place is like quicksand. Quicksand with cable, soft beds, and lunch delivery at little or no charge! They all tease each other about how long it took them to cut the real estate apron strings. The banter is interrupted by Scotty key carding the door. Kevin gets wide-eyed in fear and Scotty glowers from the doorway. As Kevin frantically apologizes, Scotty is pissed about getting left with Nora. Kevin has no excuse and Scotty can't figure out why he didn't just tell them that they were being overbearing. You know that thing that magicians do where they make you look at something flashy and pretty to distract you from the real magic? That's what Kevin does. He tells Scotty that he wasn't overbearing, it was these crazy dreams he was having! Scotty makes a WTF? face and asks what sort of dreams make you flee your sick bed? Kevin confesses that the dreams were about Elizabeth, because he is her biological father. Tommy's turn to make a WTF face. Justin and Sarah join him in that. Kevin knows that they are supposed to ignore it, but c'mon! He wants to talk about it! Tommy is not going to listen to that. He's out of there and Sarah and Justin quickly follow. Scotty scratches his head at his apparently lobotomized husband. Seriously, Kevin, you are not her father. You are her uncle. And you are kind of a douche.

Nora is sitting on the floor of the pantry, crying, and apparently drunk dialing Scotty. The phrase "mama bear" was used. Enough said. She is sniveling and apologizing when Saul finds her. When he asks what the heck is going on, she snaps at him to not talk at her like their mother, but to pour a drink and park it. She hangs up with Scotty (or his voicemail, it's hard to say) and bawls to Saul that she was suffocating her children. He reassures her that she's not overbearing (ha!) and then he asks about the Roger thing, which seems like odd timing to me. Nora confesses that thirty years ago at a luau she had one too many pina coladas and when William left her in a corner to go sweet talk everyone at the party, Roger came along. He was so nice and charming and she wanted William to see that another man was interested in her. Saul can't figure out why she should hate Roger for that, but I remind him that girls hold grudges like girls. Nora explains that when she is reminded of those times she remembers the woman she was with William and she hates her. She hates how pitiful and low she was back then and she thinks that is how Roger remembers her too. The transformation of Nora has actually been pretty impressive on this show. But it is high time she started dating. It's not as if her memory of her beloved husband is keeping her chaste. Well, I guess her memories of what a low down dirty cad her husband was could turn a girl off men. I wish things had worked out with Treat Williams. He would have been a good match for her even if he was a lowly contractor. Or with Danny Glover. Maybe he'll come back. Saul brushes away her tears and points out that she was being so insecure that she failed to notice that Roger was trying to impress her. Nora looks intrigued. Saul begs her to come into the other room because his old bones can't take the cold hard floor, but Nora refuses to budge until Saul tells her about his secret boyfriend. They laugh and it is nice that Saul's retirement means these two can spend more time together. Their sibling chemistry is almost there. Not quite, but almost.

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Brothers and Sisters




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