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Paternal Intervention

Back at the luxury beachfront hotel, Kevin is dreaming again (natch). He is sitting in a car waiting for his daughter outside a house. The door opens and the girl (older) comes out with a dark-haired woman. The girl is in tears as she gets in the car. Kevin pushes back her hair and when she finishes complaining about how mean they all were to her, Kevin suggests they get ice cream and the girl smiles through her tears thus setting up a life time of correlating food and problem solving. Why not just buy her a lifetime membership to Jenny Craig, Kevin? Kevin wakes up to Scotty tittering over the message Nora left on his voicemail. He promises to make CDs of it as stocking stuffers for Christmas. Man, I hope I have been a good girl this year and Santa will send me one of those. Scotty notices Kevin has his "I've been dreaming" face on, but Kevin assures him it's okay. Someone knocks on the door. It's Tommy. He wants to talk.

Kitty's virtual book tour and The Senator's day job have conflicting schedules. Kitty can't make time for his legislative load since she is booked for the next four months doing back-to-back interviews. Four months of solid book touring? For political non-fiction? Can I see this book? Is it the political equivalent of Tuesdays with Morrie? Cause I've been picturing something more along the lines of sTori Telling. Since Kitty and The Senator didn't bother figuring this out before she took the job (check out the brains on the people fake running the country), she has no choice but to quit. Despite the brain sex. Please Baby Jesus, don't make me ever right "brain sex" again. It hurts.

Sarah and Justin have done some quick real estate research and are touring an apartment. It looks pretty grim compared to the airy retreat of Walker Manor. Sarah tells Justin that it will grow on him, but he looks doubtful. Sarah tells him not to worry about Nora. She knows Nora will be all upset empty nester for awhile, but some day Nora will simply show up with a basketful of something delicious and freshly baked and that will be the end of it. Justin isn't worried about Nora, he's worried about him! Sarah is confused so Justin clarifies -- he is talking about his using. Sarah immediately adjusts her posture and facial expression to look appropriately concerned. Justin reminds her that the last time he lived alone he overdosed. So living with Nora was more than just clean towels and breakfast, it was a built in safeguard. Sarah tells him it will all be okay and they hug. And while I'm not one to complain about a lack of Rebecca, where is Rebecca? Should she be in on this apartment hunting? They didn't even have the obligatory "Since Rebecca's on vacation I'll take you apartment hunting."

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Brothers and Sisters




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