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Sarah Gets Her Groove Back

Scotty is startled to find Kevin at home so early on a work day. What is it with the Walkers and their communication skills today? I mean, wouldn't Kevin have called Scotty, like, immediately? Anyway, he rectifies the situation and immediately tells Scotty that he quit today. Scotty points out that quitting a job in the middle of an economic downturn is probably a bad idea. And did he mention that the restaurant business is suffering? Kevin apologizes. He just couldn't do it anymore. Scotty, who is sweet and kind, immediately says that they will figure it out. He used to live in his car, remember? He knows a thing or two about starting from scratch. Kevin is shocked that Scotty is not mad, but Scotty just hugs him. Then the phone rings. It's The Senator. Kevin doesn't want to answer it, but Scotty wisely points out that Kevin is not a teenage girl and can just answer the damn phone. Amen.

Sarah and Nora are in the holding tank waiting for Kitty to be released from custody for smuggling a fake gun through security. You may think this is overstating the security concerns of this nation, but a friend was flying with a gun shaped belt buckle and was held for hours at the airport and was almost forced to pay a hefty fine and make a court appearance until a lawyer friend from the ACLU interceded on his behalf. Sarah doesn't care any more. It's too late. Luc is undoubtedly already married to Miss Gallery. Hey Sarah, crazy idea here, but: CALL HIM. It's like these people have never used a damn phone before. Nora doesn't think all hope is lost, because everything in the administrative realm of the government moves quickly. Nora and Sarah have a serious heart-to-heart about finding true love and honesty and seizing the day and magical unicorns and pixie dust and all you need is love and then Nora turns to the security guard who is listening intently to their conversation and asks him sharply if this is moving him in any way. I mean, UNICORNS, MOTHERFUCKER! But, the guard blandly answers that he watches Oprah and nothing surprises him. Which is actually one of the funnier moments on this show. Luckily, Kitty bursts out of police custody just then and with a quick "Vote for McCallister!" They run out of the room and pick up their wacky hijinks right where they left off. PHONES, people! PHONES! Obviously they aren't too late. Luc is just about to put the ring on Miss Gallery's finger when all the Walkers all fall through the door. Everyone ignores the protests of the Justice of the Peace (because who pays attention to those guys anyway? I mean, WTF is a justice of the peace? Can you become one online?) Sarah is rambling about how he came back for her and she was so happy and then Nora reminds her that English is not his first language and Sarah blurts: I love you, Luc! Miss Gallery looks a little annoyed at this whole interruption and demands to know if Sarah is going to marry Luc now. Sarah smiles at Luc and says, "No." And since English is not his first language, Luc kisses her like she said "yes."

Later, Sarah and Luc sit on her couch while she eats ice cream and explains the plot of The Graduate to him. Then when she gets to the end of the movie where Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross are on the bus and they sort of stare at each other and wonder what on earth they have done, a very similar look passes over Luc's and Sarah's faces. Which is clever, because, yeah...what have they done? Now Luc is getting deported in four weeks and most likely kicked out of his gallery too.

Nora is pouring herself a glass of wine and chuckling to herself when Saul finds her. He asks her about Narrow Lake, which ruins my new theory that Saul is actually the bad guy who killed someone and buried them in Narrow Lake. Nora recognizes the name ...from a song. She sings a few bars to Saul and explains that William used to sing it all the time. She doesn't know anything other than that. She asks if Saul found Dennis York and Saul nods that Dennis York was staying at a hotel, but checked out a week ago. Nora smiles grimly that he'll be back. Well, yeah. Of course, what else would be the point of this incredibly slow building mystery? How long can they stretch this damn thing out?

Buffy rings Kitty's doorbell and is greeted with an avalanche of abuse and slander. Buffy holds up a hand and acknowledges that she is fired. Kitty can expect her wrongful termination suit in the morning. But for now: let's drink. She just wanted to thank Kitty for giving her a shot as her campaign manager by buying her a pricey bottle of merlot. Kitty admits she is feeling a touch guilty about firing her "friend" and creating a hostile work environment, abusing her nonstop, and making fun of her accent. Buffy smiles and the guilty taste in Kitty's mouth is quickly washed away by an expensive bottle of wine.

The Senator has hauled Kevin back to the office to tell him about his Double Secret job. But Kevin doesn't want to know. He doesn't want to get dragged back in Godfather-style. The Senator thinks that Kevin deserves to know and, no pressure, doesn't have to get involved if he doesn't want to. Kevin really REALLY doesn't want to know about it and almost tries to make a run for it, but The Senator insists. He throws open his office door and SURPRISE! It's a goodbye party for Kevin. Kevin looks genuinely touched. The look deepens when The Senator offers a really kind and appreciative toast to "his brother" who has helped him get through a lot and who created a lasting impression on his work. They toast to new endeavors and have a big old hug.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is dancing her pain away and doesn't care that Justin is standing right outside the door watching her. Which I think is kind of creepy. Sarah and Luc cuddle with their clothes on and talk about the future. And faith. You're welcome.

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