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Rebecca wakes up and looks like she was drunk and doesn't remember how she got where she was. Where is she? In her ex-husband's arms. Yeah, sex with the ex is no joke. There are clinical side effects to such activity including, dry mouth, watery eyes, bed head, stickiness, loss of underwear, and a desperate need to shower. See your health care provider immediately if you show any of these symptoms. Rebecca leaps out of bed to run straight to a trusted member of the clergy and tell them her sins, but before she can do her walk of shame, Justin wakes up. I guess sleeping in a war zone for a year has attuned his body to wake up at the slightest provocation, you know, like Afghan snipers or Rebecca trying to make a hasty departure. He insists that he make them breakfast, but Rebecca just wants to flee and quickly starts back pedaling on the fact that she showed up all vulnerable and shit on her ex's doorstep and now has Guilt, Regret, and Embarrassment and I don't mean the Treepeople album because Rebecca is CLEARLY a "Party in the USA" type of girl. When her body is not letting her down she totally dances around her office to that. Justin is so insistent about breakfast and so optimistic about their renewed love that Rebecca just sighs and lives with her life choices. She was totally asking for it. Breakfast, I mean. She tries to tell him something, but stops herself. His impending heartbreak can wait 'til after toast.

Sarah and her BANGS have been strapped to her sewing machine still sewing the costumes for Cooper's school play. As if anyone at his California liberal school would want clothes made in a sweatshop! Even if it is just a one-woman sweatshop. Luc and his general hunkiness are distracting Sarah from her stitch witchery and she sends him out to jog while she slave drives herself. What's with all the Shakespearean garb? Cooper's school is putting on the wildly-inappropriate-for-fifth-grade Romeo & Juliet and Sarah wants to impress some mom with a hyphenated (hence, snooty) last name because she is on an admissions committee for an elite private school and suddenly Sarah cares where her son is educated. I mean, if she wanted him to go to private school why didn't she apply when he was in the womb like all good parents?

Meanwhile, in one of the most unlikely things I have seen on television (and I recapped both the first season of Dark Angel and I Love Money so I have seen a lot), Kitty is swinging a sledgehammer like the saddest rendition of "John Henry" ever. Like, damn girl head over to the WPA tent for some chow in your company issued tin can because no one should be that skinny and working the rails. Luckily Kevin calls to check on her, because clearly this is not normal behavior. She explains that she is pounding a pole and Kevin can't let that double entendre slide, even though as Saul points out, "It's 9 in the morning and that's gross," which makes me heart Saul a lot. Kitty then strings together a whole bunch of words like "helping" "build" "pergola". Since it is obvious she has had a stroke induced by swinging a sledgehammer that weighs more than her entire body, Kevin looks concerned, so Kitty makes him go to video to prove she has full use of all her muscles and isn't drooling. Then we get the longest product placement ever where Kitty holds up her video-equipped cell phone and show's Kevin her craftsmanship and he uses his video-equipped cell phone to ogle Jack the Plumber turned Carpenter (yes, like Jesus but I don't think even Kevin would ogle the Big J) and then they switch back to regular phone and Kitty swears she is just happily pounding a pole and isn't going to Cooper's play and they hang up. The one weird thing about that product placement is that they didn't say the brand name of the phone twelve times in two minutes. Like, missed marketing opportunity Apple or HP or the Glad Family of Products!

Kevin leaves Kitty to her "pounding" and starts harassing Saul in a very awkward segue about Kitty being out of her comfort zone so Saul can invite his male friend to Cooper's play. Because nothing gets the old romance flowing like fifth graders mauling iambic pentameter. Saul swears they are "just friends", but Scotty and Kevin totally gay out and start pointing out that Saul brushed his suede loafers, splashed on the Acqua di Parma, wound up the Patek Phillipe, and even trimmed his cuticles, so clearly they are more than "just friends." Saul still doesn't want to bring him to his great nephew's production of Romeo & Juliet, because SAUL IS THE SMARTEST MEMBER OF THE ENTIRE WALKER FAMILY. He also doesn't think his man friend wants to be more than a friend. Oh Saul, low self esteem makes you look fat.

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Brothers and Sisters




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