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Bipartisan Relationships

Back at home, Sarah's having a teary moment in the kitchen when Joe enters and asks if she's okay. She tells him that when he looks at her, she hopes he sees someone more like her mother than her father. Perhaps pleased by her show of vulnerability, he tells her that he doesn't see either -- he sees the woman he loves. She can't help but like this even as she tells him she's a mess, and he puts his arms around her from behind and they share some happy banter. It's a much-needed nice moment for the two of them, because it's easy to wonder later on how they ever liked each other at all, so I'm going to forgive the fact that the end of the scene comes uncomfortably close to suggesting that they end up doing it right on the center island there.

Jonathan is sipping a highball as Kitty uncertainly enters and says she has to tell him something. Jonathan isn't quite as oblivious as I would have guessed, immediately "asking" if she slept with Warren. She cops to it, and starts to explain why, but he tells her there's no excuse that matters. She begs him to reconsider, but at his hangdog look, says, "I just lost you forever, didn't I?" Don't get my hopes up like that, honey. Jonathan agrees that that is the case, kisses her on the temple, and walks out. Here's where I would have loved to get the peppy music again.

Ojai. Nora comes to see Saul, who tells her he was trying to spare her more pain. Nora sincerely says she knows, and produces some papers, saying she signed the deed, and Saul should sell Holly the house at a reasonable price. Saul presses the point, forcing Nora to reiterate that she's not mad. However, she cryptically says that while Saul "lost [his] way," there's nothing he could do that would make her stop loving him. She does ask him, though, to promise there's nothing else he's not telling her. Torn between uttering "William embezzled fifteen million" and "I'm gay," he goes for the third option of promising that that's in fact the case. Oh, Alice.

Back on the show, Warren is making the point that burying secrets comes back to haunt people. Not very subtle, but what do you expect from the fiery deity?

Musical montage (ugh) of people watching Kitty's show. Nora, wrapped up in a blanket. Justin, slipping back into his drug habit, along with his girlfriend. The Whedon family, putting on a puppet show and looking happy for one of the only times on this show. Kevin, sitting alone but munching on one of Scotty's cupcakes. Aw! Then we get Tommy, who's working away at the office, presumably not watching the show. And finally, a tearful Nora tentatively approaches the pool, casts off her outer robe, and, wearing only her nightgown, dives in. She resurfaces, takes in what she just did, and swims for the side as we cut to black.

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Brothers and Sisters




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