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Nice cut to a natty-looking Jack not tripping over a single syllable as he introduces the show and asks Kitty for a timeline for the return of American troops from Iraq. There's a nice, subtle stare of incredulity from Kitty at Jack's efficacy, which is understandable, given that Jack's currently running a blood-alcohol level that would command respect even from W.C. Fields. Warren, however, jumps in to say that Kitty's hesitating because there is no timeline. "This administration believes in pulling out about as much as a high school sophomore." Warren is inordinately pleased with that line, given that it's not overly clever or original, but that would be the reaction of a high school sophomore who just delivered it, so I suppose there's some symmetry there. Meanwhile, Kitty gets way too "Oh, WARREN" about the whole thing.

At the Walker manse, Nora, with Kevin (Eeeee!) and Saul, is pleased with Warren as well, as he's saying all the things she wants to say to Kitty. Saul opines that Nora's enjoyment is unseemly, and that's probably not the last time the Ambiguously Gay Uncle and I are going to see things the same way. Nora asks Kevin why he can't meet a guy like Warren, and when Kevin points out that Warren is straight, Nora offhandedly snarks, "Like that ever stopped you before." I want to see that prequel show, and I want to see it now. Anyway, Saul and Kevin are sitting with Nora so she can sign some company-related papers as Saul explains that they're selling off spare assets: "The company can use as much money as we can raise right now." I don't think those words could be construed as encouraging any way you slice them, so it seems like the ensuing "We've got a secret" cut to Kevin is overkill. Doesn't mean I didn't appreciate it, though. Nora asks about a particular property, a house in Silver Lake, which we of course can guess to be Holly's House of Harlotry. Saul tries to put her off by smoothly spinning some story about how they basically seized the assets of a distributor twenty years ago, one of them being Triple H, but Nora says she loves Silver Lake and wants to see the house the next day. I have to admit that I thought Nora knew exactly what she was doing here, but I can at least see where the family wouldn't suspect a thing. Having made her appointment with destiny, Nora goes back to lusting after Warren. I'd question her taste, but we all already know about Professor Coyote.

Sarah is looking at the family finances and absently wondering if she can cancel the membership to the "Pasadena Rec Center," as Paige isn't swimming any more. Let's see -- rather than worry that Paige's refusal to swim has a psychological tie-in to the way her grandfather died, Sarah uses said refusal as an excuse to cut back on spending in a time of financial crisis. There's a reason she's the CEO! I'm not serious -- between her dad's death and the pressure of running the company, I can believe this could get by her. Joe, in that sighing, vaguely condescending voice we all know and hate, says that he's got the kids all day, and they need a place to go. He then, much more gently, clues her in to the idea that maybe there's a reason Paige isn't swimming, and Sarah has a nicely understated moment of realization before managing an "Oh." Sensing that a change of subject is desperately needed, Joe looks at the TV and somewhat snidely notes that Kitty has the hots for a liberal. Sarah regards the TV with a furrowed brow...

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Brothers and Sisters




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