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Bipartisan Relationships

...and then Kitty is asking where Canada is in the U.S.'s time of crisis. Same place it always is -- above us in several senses of the word. She and Warren have a disagreement over whether Canada sent troops to Vietnam, Kitty thinking yes. Warren takes the opportunity to bet her a dinner, and even the Grey Goose pulsing through Jack's veins pipes up its objection at the inappropriateness. Kitty takes the wager, though, forcing Canadian-born Jack to tell her that she is mistaken. We see Kitty's death-in-life reaction smile...

...and then she's pausing the playback at home, exasperated. Jonathan calls to give her his particular brand of smarmy shit, saying that his friends saw her make a date with Warren on national TV, and he got calls and emails; moreover, in the five years he's known her, she's never gotten a single factoid wrong. Well, given that she's known you for five years and seems still to be unaware that you're a pompous ass, it seems she is capable of missing a memo or two. More softly, he asks what's going on, but she tells him that it was an honest mistake, and she just lost a bet. He seems to take this at face value, but after they hang up, she does not look pleased.

Triple H. Nora is complimenting Holly on the condition of the house. She goes to take a look in the kitchen, allowing Saul to whisperingly ask Holly if she's okay, but Holly is handling the situation with aplomb. You might want to note the date and time for posterity. Nora returns and keeps up the compliments, but if you know what's coming, you can certainly detect an edge in her voice getting sharper. In answer to Nora's question, Holly says she's lived at Triple H for roughly fifteen years. Nora then notices a movie poster on the wall for Being There and says she loves the film -- in fact, she and her husband saw it recently at the Classic Cinema Series at the library. Holly, unable to resist, says she was in the film, although only in a small role. Nora too-cheerfully says they have a star in their midst, so how can they sell the house? Holly involuntarily looks to Saul as she says she didn't realize that eventuality was in the cards, and he bites out that it's not definite, but they're taking an inventory of William's assets. Nora explains that William is her late husband, and he had "unknown assets." Holly doesn't overplay saying that she's so sorry. Nora thanks her for the tour, which in the language of rich boozy WASPs translates as, "Not half as sorry as you're gonna be, bitch." Saul and Nora leave, and Holly's face is a perfect mixture of apprehension, relief, and curiosity. Credits.

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Brothers and Sisters




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