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Bipartisan Relationships

Justin storms into Saul's office and asks what the hell he was thinking. Saul tells him that of course he didn't take Nora to see Holly willingly, but Justin goes on that Nora seems to be taken with Holly now, and by the way, Kitty's in on the secret. Tell me Saul doesn't have a mini-bar in one of his desk drawers for occasions such as these. Justin tries to assuage Saul's misgivings by saying that Kitty's worship of their father will stop her from telling anyone else. You'd think the writers would give Justin a scene or two before proving him wrong, but...

..."summit" meeting. Warren advises Kitty to be careful of the gin martinis, but Kitty does the exact opposite of that as she rails against all the barely-legal women in the restaurant with men three times their age. Warren hatefully asks if she's "one of those women" who hate men or sex, and seriously, ass, if you're going to paint yourself as the face of liberalism, try not using a construct that's every bit as sexist as you are self-satisfied. Hate! Kitty patiently tells him that she's only bugged by the way men are driven by sex, prompting Warren to laugh condescendingly and talk about how the sex drive in men is a "fiery deity" and is "ancient" and my God, do you really spend your spare time writing paeans to your dick? Kitty lashes out at him, then takes a moment and confesses the news about her dad's affair. She goes on that she once had a boyfriend that cheated on her, in college. When she found out, she went and told him this: "The world is too fragile for people to be untrue." I see Kitty wasn't a Poetry major. She, slightly unsteadily, goes on that she told him that life is too short for lies, and he was the worst kind of person in the world. And now she's thinking the same thoughts about her dad, even though now she's old enough to understand that that's just what men do. As Sars has mentioned, Kitty has the tendency to go to the self-pitying place, but this scene I can forgive, and Calista Flockhart is acting the pants off it. Warren spouts an insincere platitude about why we love the people we love, and then offers to take her home...

...and then we ironically cut from the overwrought music to the peppy strains of Mocean Worker's "Express Yourself" as Kitty and Warren are making out on their way to doing the Posturepedic Polka. Warren gasps, "" Apparently the fiery deity gets a little less articulate when boobies are about to come out. As for Kitty, it does seem a little abrupt for her to ditch her Hallmark-expressed beliefs on fidelity, especially with this jackass, but then again, she might consciously (if drunkenly) have chosen to reject those ideals. Also, I have had gin before. Anyway, Kitty thankfully tells Warren to shut up, and just as thankfully, we head into a commercial break.

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Brothers and Sisters




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