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Bipartisan Relationships

Ojai. Kitty has apparently just spilled the events of the previous evening to Sarah, who typically is multitasking. Kitty complains that Warren is a "man-whore" and completely self-satisfied, and probably has already told everyone at The Nation that he nailed her. Sarah, after letting us know that she's been holding for Mr. Petersen for some time, asks Kitty why she did it if she hates Warren. Kitty: "It was the gin. The gin slept with him." I hope that doesn't mean there's a little gin on the way. Wow, that's got to be the first time I've ever said that. Sarah playfully says they had the gin talk five years ago, and they in unison utter their ostensible mantra that it's the "devil's drink." Tommy enters to tell Sarah that he just talked to Petersen, who's suing them because he had a "binding verbal agreement" with William about the stupid slacker brothers. I'd protest, but no one cares, so let's move on to the part where Tommy shit-eatingly guesses that Kitty got laid the night before, as that's the only reason she would have come in to see Sarah on a work day. When he's gone, Sarah bitches about him for a moment before asking Kitty if she's going to tell Jonathan. Kitty's all, "Jonathan! Oh my God, Jonathan!" like she'd blissfully forgotten about him for a while. I can relate. Sarah asks what's going on, as her "good little Republican sister" doesn't have one-night stands. You know, the writing may be lazy sometimes, but I do like the fact that the show doesn't hit us over the head with PSAs about the evils of stuff like casual sex and excessive drinking; in the first place, it would ring completely false on a show about a rich WASP-y family, and furthermore, it's far more effective dramatically to let the viewing audience make up its own mind. This, of course, is the open door for Kitty to tell Sarah about William and Holly, although we don't see the actual moment...

...because we're too busy cutting to an unsurprised Kevin, on to whom Sarah has just passed the news about William and Holly. Kevin thinks the infidelity was generationally par for the course, and then gleefully says how much more shocked he is at Kitty's behavior, prompting Sarah to beg him not to tell her she told him. He then gets a page saying that Scotty is there, and Kevin asks for thirty seconds as Sarah typically Blackberrys or whatever away. Kevin escorts Sarah to the door, on the way telling her the "binding verbal agreement" actually might not be bullshit if it's been in place for more than a year, and as a lawsuit could be expensive, she should just sack up and rehire the brothers. Scotty arrives on the scene, and he and Sarah recall their earlier meeting. He tells her that her "older brother" is a peach, and Kevin corrects him about their relative ages. Sarah thanks Scotty for the compliment. Kevin: "It's not a compliment to you; it's an insult to me." Oh, lawyers. Always so technical. Scotty denies that, saying he likes older guys, and Sarah's amusement grows in direct proportion to Kevin's discomfort. She then, with the idea of getting Kevin back for his neutrality in the Tommy situation, awesomely invites Scotty to Nora's party that night, even taking his email address down in her Blackberry. Kevin hisses, "Bitch!" Sarah smiles, "No, but payback is." Ha!

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Brothers and Sisters




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