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Bipartisan Relationships

Kevin answers the door to find Scotty bearing a plate of "Red Velvet Cupcakes." He may be a little irritating with the "you're not as gay as I am" stuff, Kevin, but good baking skills make up for a lot. Kevin, however, feels compelled to tell Scotty that Sarah only invited him there to get back at him. Scotty: "For what? Being so cute?" In a word, Scotty? Yes. Kevin, however, says that it's because he wouldn't take Sarah's side against Tommy, and this is threatening to be boring, so Kevin goes on that it's "wildly unprofessional" for him to have Scotty there. Also wildly unprofessional, at least for Kevin, is that his shirt is half-unbuttoned. That is not a complaint.

Somehow, Jonathan is nowhere to be found as Kitty is telling Warren that she actually doesn't think he's that bad, but his timing could use some work. Warren chooses this moment to tell her how smitten he is with her, prompting her to tell him: "We're not in the last ten minutes of a Julia Roberts movie." Heh. She asks to leave the deep talks until after the party, and then Jonathan appears and nauseatingly squires his "girl" away. God, until I met these two, I had forgotten all about avoidance-avoidance dilemmas.

Tom Skerritt apparently consented to sit for a portrait session at the local mall, because Scotty is admiring his picture as he and Kevin stand on the stairs. It's hard to believe that there wouldn't have been any gay men at this party for Kevin if not for Sarah's intervention. (And don't bring up Saul -- poor Ron Rifkin's been called "Uncle Inappropriate" enough times in this life already.) Scotty speculates that William was a "leader of men," but Kevin demurs, saying he was just a man, and one who's still causing them a great deal of trouble at that. He echoes Kitty's comment that cheating is just what men do, and adds that "as a gay one," he's never been able to master being faithful. Scotty says it's hard to be faithful to anything "until you know why you should." Thanks for that pearl of wisdom, my super-gay fortune cookie.

Sitting next to Julia (...who's not strictly necessary in this episode, I'd say) Paige is still wearing her "Dad ate burritos" face as homeless kids continue to frolic in the pool. Tommy sits down with her and talks to her about the pool; she's not afraid of dying in it like William did, but it makes her sad. Tommy hands Julia his watch and wallet, and unceremoniously jumps in. When he surfaces, Paige brightens and asks how it is, and he invites her to come in and find out. She screws up her courage, jumps in, and then puts her arms around Tommy. Cute scene, and Paige is an uncharacteristic child character in that she doesn't annoy me, but the scene is marred by the blaring of "Ice Age." It's not that I don't love Pete Yorn, because I do, but this show consistently blasts music to the point of distraction, and it's irritating. Try to be more judicious, please.

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Brothers and Sisters




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