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Woe is the Walkers

Holly surprises Saul with the news that Dennis York invited her to lunch. Taking a lesson from the inspiring business ethics of The Godfather, Holly has decided to keep her enemy close. At the restaurant, Saul surprises Dennis with the news that Holly is not coming. Saul wants to know what Dennis wants. Dennis wants his five years back, but since that is impossible in the current configuration of time and space and the limitations of contemporary science, he'll settle for a good investment. Saul snarls that William is dead and gone and any proprietary claims Dennis thinks he has on Ojai are as old and moldy as William. Dennis promises a little friendly competition, which sounds perfectly dreadful to have to watch, and Saul leaves with a threat to stay away from his family. Dennis promises to see him around. I loved The Wire (loved!) and I wish this guy would go film the movie and leave us in peace.

The Senator surprises Kitty by taking the afternoon off. He wants to take Evan to the zoo. Kitty looks at him suspiciously, but he swears that it's not the cancer that keeps him home, it's that there is nowhere else he'd rather be. Awwwwww. I love him! And his newly ruffled hair. I'd go Republican for him any day. Kitty smiles, but decides to test his resolve by telling him her decision about treatment protocol. She's going West Coast. He smiles supportively as she explains her logic. She further tests his resolve by adding that she thinks they should stay at Walker Manor while she gets her treatment. He swallows hard, blinks a few times, and then agrees. Kitty reminds him that he's not going to have every afternoon off, that invisible Evan will be taken care of, and that they will be well fed. The Senator agrees. It's up to her. Hey guys? Quick suggestion: why not have Nora come stay at your house? Just a thought! No charge. The Senator agrees so long as they can keep working on their marriage. Kitty smiles, like she is falling in love again, and reminds The Senator about how he didn't want his heart attack to define him and she swears that this will not define her. The Senator nods, he gets it.

Rebecca and Justin visit Kitty and tell her that they have decided to postpone the wedding. Kitty talks them out of it, because she needs something to look forward to (I could have told them that, sheesh.) She reminds them that if Nora doesn't have flowers and cakes to obsess over then she will start obsessing over her. That's not going to do anyone any good. Kitty just doesn't want to think that life is stopping. They agree on the condition that Kitty be Rebecca's matron of honor. Kitty shushes Rebecca, she doesn't want to get chosen just because she has cancer. Rebecca assures her that she was going to ask her before, because when Kitty asked Rebecca to be a bride's maid it made her feel like part of the family. So she wants to reciprocate. Kitty agrees to do it and The Senator comes in and everyone is laughing and teasing. A knock on the door brings Nora into the house with last night's leftovers. The door knocks again and Kevin and Scotty and Saul all show up with more food and more wine. Kitty is so excited to see everyone and it is Walkers at their best although the music leaves something to be desired with the over0the0head lyrics of "I'll be there for you, have a little faith in me." And Scotty agrees to cater their wedding. The door rings again and it's Sarah. Kitty sees her and looks so relieved. She gasps, "Sarah." And then we both tear up as Kitty grabs Sarah and holds on for dear life. I can't imagine. Oh, and next week's episode looks horrifying. You have been warned.

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