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Woe is the Walkers
ora gawking after her. By the way, Barbara "Nickel and Dimed" Ehrenreich's latest book is about when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and everyone kept telling her that a positive attitude would make all the difference and was the key to success and she thought it was all a bunch of malarkey and wrote a book about it. Maybe I'll send Kitty a copy. She might appreciate the license to be in a bad mood.

Kitty's behavior gives Nora no choice but to go interrupt The Senator at work. Because a phone call just wouldn't suffice. The Senator is equally bothered by the news that Kitty went shopping instead of doing her cancer homework. Nora understands that Kitty needs to be distracted, but she also needs to do her research and get started on her treatment ASAP. Her prognosis is only 55%! Yeesh, that's the doctor's idea of a good prognosis? That's a terrible prognosis! The Senator interrupts Nora to say that he just got off the phone with the researcher in Massachusetts and their course of treatment can give Kitty an extra 5% chance of survival. Instead of being intrigued or curious or (god forbid) grateful to The Senator for finding out this information for her beloved daughter, Nora (being Nora) is hostile and defensive. She read the studies and she thinks they are too small to be trusted. And the side effects! Senator talked to the researcher about the side effects and they were special cases. Fuck the researcher, trust a mother's instinct! Then Nora and The Senator square off for another battle in the endless war between East Coast and West Coast. The Senator thinks the best treatment is in Boston, but Nora thinks a support system is the key to success and besides, up until now, The Senator has been a crap husband with no time on his agenda for his wife. He doesn't get to dictate what Kitty does because he hasn't proven himself to Nora (as opposed to his wife, obviously). The Senator reminds Nora that the only person actually calling the shots is Kitty. Nora agrees, but in a vaguely ominous tone and then she turns on her heel and walks out. Guys, did you learn nothing from the martyrdom of Biggie and Tupac?

It's the first day of gross anatomy and Justin is lucky enough to have Henry from Eureka as his professor. The genius physicist is taking a break from his work at GD to teach first-year anatomy. Henry uses his platform to threaten his students with failure and teach them valuable life lessons such as: you don't get to choose your co-workers or your lab partners. Justin and his new lab partner give each other the once over. Since the kid looks like Urkel all grown up, I think Justin scored. The kid hands Justin a color-coded study guide and asks if he is comfortable with the upper arm. Justin nods that he's good on the bones (shut! up! about! bones!) and, besides, there are only two bones in the upper arm and I know them and I am not in some advanced placement college class. The kid is not assured by Justin's seeming lack of knowledge on ligaments and tendons and when Justin turns to stare at him in disbelief he finally notices that the kids is young -- almost Doogie Howser young. The kid is sixteen, but has had his social maturity tested. Like with Wanda at a beer pong party? The kid tells Justin that he is acing that class and Justin better not hold him back. He also tells him: no Doogie Howser jokes, but he didn't say it to me! Where's Vinnie, yo?

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