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Previously on Brothers & Sisters. Justin took a ride on that great escalator to the sky. Literally, it was an airport escalator that he took in the season finale. He didn't die! I hope I didn't give you the impression that he died. What would have even led you to think that? I think you're just reading too much into things, that's what I think.

Also: Kevin's "Reverend Boyfriend" got sent to a mission in Laughlin, Nevada Malaysia; Kitty had issues with being "just the fiancée" rather than a major player on the McCallister campaign; Rebecca and Joe kissed, and it was a mutual kind of thing, but as far as Sarah knew, Joe was the only one to make a move, though Holly had her suspicions; and finally, Justin's unit ran into an IED on the way back to their base, and no one knew if he was okay.

No sooner has Rob's "there were casualties" stopped ringing in our ears than we see a military funeral, with Rob and Kitty clad in black and looking devastated. Boy, for what ended up being a totally obvious fake-out that any child could have seen through, the show is really dedicated to trying to fool us. Regardless: twenty-one gun salute, the folding of the flag, the handing of the flag to the grieving...well, in this case, it's the grieving mother, the better to parallel with Nora. But it's not Nora, because Justin's not dead. Have I mentioned that yet? Rob gets a whisper from a random campaign staffer and pulls Kitty aside. She starts to apologize for being an emotional mess -- which I'd think would be a net positive, considering how she's supposed to have this ice-queen rep -- but Rob cuts her off and says he got word that Justin's flying in from Germany; he'll be in San Diego by tomorrow. Kitty's overcome and hugs her husband-to-be, who has become the Santa Claus of American politics, given the way he gets to dispense good news like so many stocking stuffers.

Walker Manse. Nora and Saul are baking something, Nora mercilessly pounding on the dough to pay for the sins of the military-industrial complex. Saul patiently endures her, because that's what he's chosen to do with his life rather than just getting on with it and kissing a man already. To that end, he holds the phone to her ear when Kitty calls (her hands are all doughy, what do you want from her?); Kitty says that Justin's had a few surgeries on his leg, but the doctors in San Diego will know more. Nora doesn't so much care about that -- they'll deal with whatever issues there are so long as Justin can come home. Saul hangs up and he and Nora cry celebratory tears.

Kevin's at Sarah's house, busting a vein or three in his neck trying to open a stuck window while Sarah unhelpfully supervises. They're also in the middle of a conversation wherein Sarah is asking Kevin to represent her in her divorce proceedings. Kevin has no kind of interest in doing this at all, for several reasons, including his loathing of family law, but it's mostly because if Sarah and Joe get for-sure divorced, then Kevin will be the one called upon to do "manly chores" around Sarah's house, like he's doing right now. He finally proclaims the window stuck for good, but Sarah asks him to try once more, this time while thinking about the fact that his boyfriend is all sweaty in the jungles of "Madagascar" and how Kevin pledged to be faithful, which means he won't be having sex for "months and months and months and months..." and finally Kevin powers through that damn window and forces it open with the sheer strength of his frustration. Sarah gives him this hilarious deadpan applause -- it's not a slow clap, but it does the job -- and Kevin laments that the "butchest moment of [his] life" is wasted on his sister. Sarah admits that she's in the same no-sex-having boat as Kevin, but he calls bullshit seeing as she was "shouting it out" on the washer just last week, and is still wearing her wedding ring. "You can't start divorce proceedings that fast; you'll get the bends." That's a good line, right there. He advises her to keep talking to Joe. Both their phones start ringing, Sarah's from Kitty and Kevin's from Nora. Kevin sighs and asks if Sarah wants to trade; she doesn't. They answer in unison and they both get the same happy news about Justin, then trade phones and both say "I know!" at the same time. It's a fun scene -- Rhys and Griffiths are great together.

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