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Previously on Brothers and Sisters: tension between Kitty and Robert; a relatively anonymous campaign speech writer felt frustrated at the number of revisions required of him; Nora had a crush on Professor Coyote, then got grossed out by his affair with a 20-year-old; Kitty and Robert confessed their love for each other; Rebecca alleged that Joe kissed her.

Fade up where we left off in the last ep, Justin making an "... oh, ew" face as Rebecca says she doesn't know how it happened, Joe was showing her a chord and then leaned in and kissed her. Justin can't get his head around it, and argues that it's a really affectionate family, so maybe Rebecca misinterpreted a platonic kiss? "It wasn't platonic, trust me," she says, picking at her cuticles. Justin decides she's telling the truth, and buries his head in his hands: "God, this is bad." He asks if she's okay; she says she's fine, just weirded out, and then they talk over each other to themselves, Justin wondering aloud what Joe was thinking, Rebecca asking herself why she even went over there. Justin interrupts Rebecca to reassure her that "he is married, and you're his wife's sister" -- she shouldn't blame herself. Rebecca regards him for a second, brows knitted; in light of what we see later, I think she's uncomfortable with, or surprised by, how easily Justin chooses to believe her, but whatever the reason, she jumps up all "let's just forget it, it's one kiss" and busies herself in the kitchen. Justin's all, "My brother-in-law macked on you, I kind of can't 'forget it,' because gross" and Rebecca reminds him that he swore he wouldn't tell. He asks why she's protecting Joe, which is an interesting read on how she's behaving -- even if I bought that she's entirely innocent in the situation, which I do not, I would characterize her discomfort as simple not dealing, versus protecting Joe, but regardless, Rebecca launches into yet another "o woe is me, I feel excluded from the Walker family" speech, this one about how all of them are waiting for her to "screw up" so they can hate her like they hate her mother. That's more self-pitying than it is accurate, which Justin gently points out -- they've all tried to accept her, he says, and she says she knows they've tried and she knows "none of this is [her] fault" (uh... not so fast, there), but when they look at her, they see "a walking, talking reminder that their -- that our dad was a liar!" Well... yeah. And Rebecca might have a bit more patience with their reluctance to admit her immediately into the club, given that. Justin just looks at her sadly. She adds that, if something goes wrong in Joe and Sarah's marriage, they'll blame her, and Justin knows it, so he shouldn't "give them any more ammunition" to hate her.

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