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... and we cut to flashback, Joe arranging Rebecca's fingers on the frets once again. She plays the chord, and he says, "Yeah! You're a natural," which is when I knew for sure that we weren't seeing exactly the same scene. I don't know why; it could just be a practical issue -- they didn't know they'd have to match it, so they re-shot it and it didn't sync up -- or it could be deliberate, to show us that Joe is remembering it differently, or incorrectly. I think it's the former; if the show meant us to understand that Joe is an unreliable narrator here, I think the scene would have taken greater pains to establish Rebecca as a victim. Anyway, Rebecca says he's a good teacher, sizes him up, and tells him he has really good hands, "strong and soft at the same time." ... Yeeeeeeah. That is universal chick code. Women do not talk about a man's hands except to hit on him. Up until here, Joe has seemed to be pointedly looking down so as not to have to deal with what is, I'm afraid, a blatant come-on from his half-sister-in-law, but at this point, he does look up; his expression is hard to read, but he leans in and kisses her, and her expression isn't hard to read at all. It says, "... Got 'im." He draws back. A pause. She looks back and forth between his eyes and his lips, and they kiss again, more mutually this time, and for longer; she raises a hand to his neck. When she starts to lean into it more, he pulls back and says, "I'm so sorry, I... I don't even know why I... " while staring at her as though he's never seen her before. She's silent. "You should go," he whispers. She doesn't break his gaze when she says, "I don't have to," and she's smiling a little, and he's still staring at her: "Yes. Yes you do." He finally looks away and takes the guitar from her. She rolls her eyes a little and stands up, expectantly, as he fiddles with the guitar, putting it away, and when he gets to his feet to let her past, she says, "Well, thanks for the guitar," and then, a bit snidely, "and the lesson." She squeezes by him, and we end on Joe, swallowing hard.

Next week, the show pretends to care about Tommy and Julia, so we will have to pretend to care also; Holly flirts with Coyote; and: food fiiiiiiight! Rock.

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