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At Joe and Sarah's, Justin comes downstairs, having put the kids to bed after giving Paige her shot and reading books and whatnot, and declares himself "the superior uncle, hands down." Kevin settles into a chair with a beer and grouses that Justin didn't watch The Wiggles and play Connect Four all night. As he's putting his jacket on, Justin expresses some surprise that Joe and Sarah actually went away. Yeah, Kevin says, Joe wanted time alone with Sarah. Justin makes a face like his kitten just died, and Kevin asks, irritated, "What?" Justin warns Kevin that, when Joe and Sarah get home, there might be "some tension." Kevin doesn't get it; it's a romantic weekend. Justin makes dead-kitten face again and Kevin's like, spit it out, I'm too tired for this. After the obligatory "swear you won't tell" lead-up, Justin tells Kevin that "Joe made a pass at Rebecca." Kevin, not believing him: "What?" Justin starts to give him the background, but Kevin interrupts to say that that's "insane," Rebecca is "family" and Joe would never. Justin protests that Rebecca told him it happened, and he believes her, and he told Joe to tell Sarah. Kevin stares at him for a second, the dawn of anger breaking on his face, and grits out that "clearly" Justin hasn't noticed that Joe and Sarah have been having problems. Justin's like, "Your point?" Kevin bitches that maybe Rebecca misunderstood or something, but regardless, this could ruin Sarah's marriage; Justin doesn't see how Sarah not knowing would help. Kevin points out that Rebecca is perhaps not a reliable witness -- that, actually, Justin barely knows her -- and Justin asks why Rebecca would lie. Have you... got a week? It's sweet of him to put his faith in her, but it's not like she got honesty hard-coded into her DNA by their shared father. Kevin splutters, "Augh, Justin -- people lie all the time! Why do you think I stay away from family law? You should hear the things people make up when they're angry, they will say anything -- half the time they don't even know they're telling lies because they've warped the truth so much in their own minds!" Thanks to that pithy summary of what I believe is Rebecca's angle, I should just tag out of this recap now. Thanks, Kev! Just kidding, although if I saw a legitimate way out of recapping that argument scene later, believe me, I would take it. Justin makes the valid point that their family doesn't need any more secrets, but Kevin makes the even better point that it isn't about their family; it's about Joe and Sarah's family, and did Justin think about what his "little ultimatum" would mean for the kids? Justin clearly didn't, and looks regretful.

Nighttime on the beach. Joe and Sarah drink coffee and reminisce about the last time Joe got Sarah to go skinny-dipping -- their AC broke, she was pregnant with Paige, and they hopped her parents' pool at 2 AM. He remembers in admiring tones how Sarah just stripped down and jumped right in with her round belly. "I must have been gorrrrgeous," she laughs sarcastically. "You were," he says. "Then and now." She smiles into her mug, looking a little rueful, as he goes on to say that he watched her and thought to himself, what had he done to deserve this woman. She still doesn't meet his eye, sighing that she can't imagine he's been thinking that lately, and... I love Sarah, I'm on her side, I know Joe is motivated in no small part by guilt here, but he's trying, at least, and I sort of wish she'd acknowledged the effort and accepted the compliment here. If you want to work it out, then... work it out, instead of always referring back to how it isn't worked out yet. In any case, knowing what she of course does not, he looks stung and sad, and steels himself: "Sarah. I need you to know." She looks up at him, finally: "What? ... What, Joe?" After a few false starts, he settles on telling her somewhat tearily that he loves her so much, he can't put it into words. She takes his hand and apologizes if she's made him feel that everything's his fault; he says she doesn't need to say that, but she says she does, she owes him that. The last year, everything that's happened with her family, she didn't want to take that out on Joe, but she thinks she did. Joe doesn't answer; she adds that she really wants them to work. He kisses her hand: "So do I." She strokes his hair -- and just quickly, on that subject: ease up on the product, hair and makeup, because he looks greasy in every scene -- and then they kiss while The Cello Of Don't Get Too Comfortable plays in the background.

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Brothers and Sisters




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