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ead: "Just because you're a whore doesn't mean that I am." No, but it doesn't mean you aren't, either. I mean, I certainly wouldn't call either of them whores -- although their decision-making could use some toning up in the ethics department -- but even if you do think the worst of Holly, she just told you that "the worst" doesn't even work in this situation, so... figure it out, you know? Anyway, Holly grabs her arm as Rebecca tries to blow past her; Rebecca jerks free. "Stop it!" Holly tells her. Rebecca flings the door open and sniffs, "No wonder he chose Nora instead of you." And how do you suppose this situation is going to play out, Rebecca? Nice parting shot, I guess, but when they find out you played them, they'll freeze your ass out the same way.

Coyote calls Nora to tell her that he's changed her grade. She's like, great, thanks. Anything else? Unfortunately, yes; he also confesses that she nailed him and his pretensions the other night -- and he loved it, kind of, and wants to go out with her again. The doorbell rings just then, and I hope she'll just hang up on him, but she doesn't; she says yes, but she gets to choose the restaurant, and hustles him off the phone. Oh, Nora.

At the door is Rebecca, of course, overacting "forlorn" just a bit with the mussy hair and the hugging of the elbows. Nora asks if she's okay; she lies that she is, and asks if Justin's home.

Cut to the sofa, where Rebecca is winding up the Joe-kiss story for Nora as Justin sits beside her. Nora is horrified, and asks if Sarah knows. Rebecca says her mother told Sarah. "Holly told her?" Nora repeats, looking vaguely ill, and Justin shoots her an "I know, right?" look as Rebecca apologizes for "coming over here like this... I just didn't know... where else to go." A... friend's house? Are you kidding me with this? Then Nora says she's sorry that this has happened to Rebecca, and Rebecca thanks her for being so nice. Too nice, really, because next, Justin sells Sarah out by asking Nora if Rebecca can stay with them for a few days, until "things sorta calm down," and Nora is caught off-guard and stares at him for an eternity, catching flies, before she asks Rebecca if that's what she wants to do. Rebecca at least has the grace to offer to stay with friends, which she should, and which Nora should let her do, because COME ON, but Nora feels guilty and says no, no, she's welcome, she's family. Rebecca quavers, "You sure?" Don't overclose, Li'l Alexis. Nora tells Justin to show Rebecca the spare room, and excuses herself to call Sarah. I know everyone wants to seem accepting of Rebecca, and not blame her for William's sins, and blah blah bloo, but it just is not appropriate for Rebecca to stay there when it's Sarah that got stepped out on, and I would kick my mother's ass into November if she screwed me over like that, half-sister or no. Then again, my mother would skip this scene in favor of driving over to my house and slapping my husband to death, which is why there isn't a TV show about us. That, and all the cursing.

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Brothers and Sisters




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