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Okay, I know I live in New York and am therefore obsessed with real estate to a particularly unhealthy degree, but, damn!, The Senator's house is really nice. Inside the brick walls with wrap around verandas and oversized windows, he is hurriedly packing for an emergency trip to Washington D.C. He has some movers, sheikers, and a lesser ayatollah or two to glad hand with and beg for oil. A veritable Middle Eastern pupu platter! Or falafel platter, I guess. Kitty is extremely perturbed by the fact that The Senator actually has to go to Washington. She suggests going with him, but he wants her to fill in at a luncheon tomorrow. She puts up a serious sulk and makes The Senator justify the fact that he has to go to Washington despite the fact that it his job as, you know, a Senator. This is the first time he has had to go to Washington since she quit and now she is kvetching. She pouts about having to wait for a baby, too, but The Senator and I agree that they are definitely going to be chosen by a birth mother. He's a Senator! Well, for now anyway. He may not be for much longer if you don't let him do his job and represent his people in Washington.

Justin is playing an extra in The Mikado this week! How I do love a little Gilbert and Sullivan. He wakes Rebecca to go over lines and she calls him on wearing her robe. He claims to be unable to find his clothes, but we know he just craves the cool caress of satin on his skin. Unfortunately he decides to strip down and join the naked Rebecca back in bed. I really wish all television characters were firm members of the Never Nudes. If I want nakedness I'll look online like everyone else, thank you very much. Justin invites Rebecca to his one-year anniversary at Narcotics Anonymous. They are having a ceremony and getting chips and he is making a speech. Rebecca and I cannot believe that it has been a year already since he was locked in his bedroom at Walker Manor retching while Kevin and Tommy held back his hair. A year? Really? Obviously Rebecca agrees to go with him to the meeting. Then they revoltingly recount all the times they have had sex over the last few days as foreplay before going at it again. My eyes! My ears! Ick!

Over a delicious bowl of soup, Nora is begging Saul to come with her to Bakersfield. Saul refuses to accompany her on this mission. He has no interest in knocking on a stranger's door and informing him that his dead wife cheated on him and his son is probably not his biological offspring. Geez, Saul, I guess retirement has made you all morally superior and stuff, huh? I thought you were bored! And, frankly, I think a Nora and Saul road trip to Bakersfield would be a hoot. Nora tries to justify the trip by saying it is better her than Holly breaking the bad news to the poor unsuspecting Laffertys. With Saul's help she could break the news gently and with compassion. Saul reminds her about breaking the news about Rebecca gently and with compassion. Remember how well that went over? Nora looks thoughtful, but then she remembers that Holly may not have been bluffing and she strengthens her resolve. She begs Saul, but he won't do it. And why doesn't she ask one of her many many children? Because if the kids knew what she was doing they would be on it like flies on honey and she can't deal with the Italian operatics. Ah, what Puccini could do with the Walkers.

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Brothers and Sisters




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