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Previously on Brothers & Sisters: The entire Walker family turned on each other like girls at a Jimmy Choo sample sale. Kitty and The Senator decided to adopt. Rebecca and Justin confessed their taboo love. Tommy fired Kevin. Nora gleefully told Holly that William had another lover and another child. Kevin is mad at everyone. And everyone is mad at Tommy. Fun!

An armored car winds its way through the streets dodging obstacles and repelling bullets. A cell phone rings insistently. It's not real life, it's a movie! Whoo, I was really concerned that this show had turned procedural drama on us and we would have to watch Justin, Rebecca, and Nora play detective while Kevin prosecutes the criminals and Kitty and Robert work the government angle. Rebecca and Justin avidly make out on the couch, determinedly ignoring the phone. Justin asks Rebecca if she is going to remove her sucker from his face and get the phone since this is the fourth time its rung in an hour, which is not bad for a girl who seems to have no friends. Rebecca crawls off of Justin and checks the phone. It's her mother. Again. She doesn't want to answer because if she answered then she would have to give her mother another chance and she would get hurt, end up in therapy, eat too much ice cream and not be able to fit into her skinny jeans. So not worth it! She doesn't want to talk about it though. She just wants to suck Justin's face off. Inexplicably Justin announces he has to go. He jumps up and leaves Rebecca standing alone, lips puckered in confusion. While my first thought was that Justin was headed over to Holly's to tell her to leave Rebecca alone or some other Walker buttinski thing, Justin actually heads to Sarah's house. He needs to talk to his big sister. He and Rebecca haven't had sex yet and Justin is concerned. Ew! Who talks like this to their sister? Sarah agrees with me (thank you very much) and tells Justin she doesn't want to have this conversation. Justin continues the conversation anyway. His mattress has had a revolving door on it since high school, which must be extremely uncomfortable, but for whatever reason he can't seal the deal with Rebecca. Sarah is not surprised since ten minutes ago they thought they were related. And, ew. She asks him to talk to Tommy or Kevin, but Justin doesn't want sex advice, he wants relationship advice and that's what sisters are for. Sarah points out that Justin has a complicated history. The last few relationships he was in were marred by the fact that he was high. Now that he is clean and sober, he has to deal with real relationships. On top of that, he may actually like Rebecca and doesn't want to screw things up. So there are a lot of reasons that he may be nervous. In which case, they should take it slow. And check with the County Court to make sure it is legal.

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