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Kitty sits in her sumptuously-appointed living room rocking her adorable baby back and forth and making the call that could change it all. In my experience making potentially life altering phone calls with the baby in your lap is a recipe for the kid to start hollering, lunge for the phone, hit a unique series of buttons that simultaneously locks the phone and dials Mumbai. But she is a new mother with an incredibly ungrabby baby. She rocks Evan and holds him tight as she asks for an appointment with the doctor and anxiously asks if her test results were back yet. The receptionist won't tell her anything and as The Senator comes back from his run ("Hey, sweaty Senator, need help in the shower?" --Alec Baldwin) Kitty quickly gets off the phone. Kitty tries to act natural, but The Senator has his own distractions. Kevin called while he was out (I guess it's a good thing for a man with a heart condition to carry a cell phone when he jogs; even if it does cut down on wind resistance, at least he can call 911 himself) and Governor Kern knows about his heart attack. The Senator gets a little snippy when Kitty sort of shrugs it off, because it's a campaign and shit happens, right? He reminds Kitty of her glorious pundity past and asks her to remember how she would have spun it. He hypothesizes it will go something like, Senator McCallister lied about his heart attack, obviously he is a secret Democrat and a communist sympathizer who wants us to go to war with Peru. Peru, people! Glenn Beck would be foaming at the mouth. The Senator knows they will try to spin it that he will drop dead at any second and Kitty talks at cross purposes and promises that no one is dropping dead any time soon. The Senator gives her an almost dirty look at her nonchalance in the face of dirty politics, so Kitty tries to get her pundit mojo back, but then shrugs, kisses her baby and asks him what he is going to do. The Senator has gotten the governor to agree to a meeting and since she hasn't actually done anything with her illicitly obtained information, he is hoping for détente if nothing else. This is how I imagine all campaigns go. Like Dukakis knows all sorts of sordid shit about Bush, but Bush knows that Dukakis once did a keg stand at a fifteen-year old girl's birthday party. The Senator regrets ever having lied about his heart attack. He looks wistful and Kitty seizes the opportunity to mention that she was just calling the doctor and...The Senator cuts her off because he thought Evan was okay. Kitty chickens out on her confession, smiles, says Evan is fine and hands him off to his daddy. His really sweaty daddy.

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Brothers and Sisters




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