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Nora has a book for Kitty. It's Thoreau's Walden that Nora has marked up and changed all the pronouns to "her". Kitty likes the changes and Nora explains that she thinks Kitty needs some change. She wants Kitty to make the time to clear her head. Find some fresh air and breathe deep. She's talking widow to widow here, but Kitty can't help but tease her a little bit. But she has something to show Nora, too. It's a real estate listing for a little cottage up in Ojai with bushes and trees and a pond. It's the perfect place to come to terms with her new life. In the past few hours she has managed to rent it, which is crazytalk because who can find an agent, sign a lease, get the financial paperwork in order, and send a check in the middle of the night? Whatever. Magical realism! The Walkers have it. Kitty is scared, though, which Nora thinks is hilarious since Kitty is a lifelong member of the NRA and armed to the teeth. Kitty glares at her, because she was scared about feeling lonely. Nora offers to lend her Justin for awhile. Kitty looks intrigued.

Sarah and Paige have a grown up talk. Paige apologizes some more for being drunk in public and bringing shame upon her family and disappointing her grandma and embarrassing her mother and puking on the floor of the nice club. Sarah nods in recognition of the acts of contrition and hair shirt Paige has been wearing. But Sarah really needs Paige to know that they are no longer going to be friends. She is her mother. And that is that. Paige asks her to wear the friendship bracelet she and Agatha made and Sarah throws it down and stomps on it because SHE IS HER MOTHER.

Kevin and Scotty kill my dreams of a Punky Brewster storyline by taking Mateo to reconnect with his long lost grandmother. She is so excited to see her little Fievel. They wrap each other in a huge hug and Scotty and Kevin feel a little less guilty about being white and rich.

In yet another page out of the afterschool special playbook, Justin is telling Holly all the Great Things About Rebecca. Obviously nothing about how she sticks around when times are tough. Holly laughs, David listens, and the circle of life goes on. My interest? Not so much. TMYK!

Lulu Bates a.k.a. Melissa Locker would not take advice from Nora Walker. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

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Brothers and Sisters




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