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Kevin has taken Paige's crazy and kicked it up a notch to the clearly schizophrenic. He has dressed up the bag of flour, okay? He has dressed it in a little hoodie and put tissue paper in the arms and the hood and made it a real baby and is coddling it and cooing. Maybe those long hours in his office without proper ventilation with the glue gun has done something to him. Or maybe realizing that Paige can adopt a bag of flour in an afternoon, but he, as a gay man, has to jump through numerous hoops to have a child has just sent him over to cuckoo land?

Anyway, Sarah rightly demands that he step away from the sack of flour. Then she grouses about how needy the bag of flour is, you know, for being a bag of flour and a lone tear trails down Kevin's face and Sarah snaps at him to get over it and he calls her a "Grumpy Grandma", which is pretty darn accurate. Also, cutting. To change the subject and get his mind off of his baby blues, Kevin turns on the radio on Sarah's desk and talks breezily about the crazy callers harassing their mother on her show. This cheers Sarah up immensely because crazy people make for great ratings, but when Sarah listens closely to the caller, her face falls. She recognizes the voice. It's her not-father Brody. She cannot believe that he would dare to dial up their mother and try to reignite the flames that fanned their passions.

In fact, that's just what Nora and Dr. Boobs McClure are discussing with him right now: Whether he hopes to recapture the passion of their youth. Brody is saying disgusting things about how passion was never their problem and Sarah and Kevin both shiver unconsciously. They are listening in abject horror when Tommy walks in to the office. He has some cookies that Rose baked to fatten him up, but he knows that no one likes him when he is fat fat fat and that nothing, not even cookies, taste as good as skeletal feels. He's just not happy with himself if he doesn't look like a bobblehead doll. Sarah and Kevin quickly explain that after their emergency family meeting, Sarah went to Brody for comfort. He confirmed that he's not her father, but she may have mentioned that Nora was pining for him. So now he has done the unthinkable and called the radio show. Tommy is pissed, because everything is about him and now Nora is going to be mad at Rose and Rose is going to be mad at him and it's all Sarah's fault. He's out of here! Sarah and Kevin shrug because no one cares, really. Meanwhile, Nora has finally figured out who the caller is and she's not pleased. Sarah knows her mother is going to be pissed, so she ditches Kevin at the office (with Joaquin to keep him company and comfort him in these dark times) and runs for it.

Later, Sarah is at home when Kevin stops by. Seems Joaquin missed his grandma and was hoping that his mommy might come home sometime. Maybe she'll come home tonight to read him a story before bed? Does his mommy still love him? Uncle Kevin can't take Joaquin's estranged feelings and has to drop him off with Sarah so he can go journal in his office. Sarah is relieved that it is Kevin because she was concerned that it was Nora come to holler at her for butting into her private life. Kevin tells her that Nora is in fact pissed.

Then the Walker phone tree kicks in and Justin calls to complain about Nora bothering him at work because of Sarah's meddling. Then Nora calls Kevin to find out where Sarah is, because she's not answering her phone and Tommy's not answering HIS phone and who is she supposed to yell at when her kids won't answer? She finds a contender in a large RV parked in front of her house. She yells at it for a while and then she yells at the dog who jumps on her car and then she stops yelling because she has realized whose RV and dog it is: Brody. Beau Bridges, a.k.a. The Lesser Bridges Brother (Todd Bridges being the family jewel), steps out of the RV and greets Nora, "Hello, Slugger!"

Nora, being Nora, is yelling at Brody for his insolence and derring do and just showing up (in a gas guzzler no less!) and expecting to be taken in like an adorable stray dog. But Nora being Nora, underneath all the gruffness you can tell she is swooning. Although she is kind of acting like we all have amnesia and forgot that she has been pining over him for weeks and even pulled out the high school yearbooks to daydream over him and she totally carved their initials into her butcher block table when she thought no one was looking. Yet, she barks at Brody about how rude he is just showing up uninvited. He teases her about that time when he knocked on her mom's window and Nora almost forgets she's mad and laughs, but then remembers herself and starts scolding again. So Brody reminds her that Sarah totally ratted her and all her feelings out and Brody knows that Nora's been pining for him. Nora tries to deny it, but ends up instead talking about her glorious her life with William Walker, the most perfect husband ever. Brody laughs that he always thought William was the type to cheat (hahaha!) but Nora assures him that their life together was perfect and any paternity issues were just huge misunderstandings. Brody is happy for her, but he hasn't been so lucky in love. He does love his job, though, and, he looks at Nora with a knowing wink, life's not over yet. She willfully ignores him and stamps her foot or something.

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Brothers and Sisters




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