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Eeeee! I'm so psyched to get to do another episode of this show. Of course, it comes just at the point where Joe R had almost forgiven me for the American Idol incident last year, but it's not like I made him go away this week. But to make some small part of it up to him, I will restrain myself from making a single Muriel's Wedding joke, thus leaving it open to him to come in in brackets to do same to his heart's desire. So...

In the Walker kitchen, Nora is raving over something in a bowl that Rebecca just cooked up. Apparently it's got a lot of sugar in it, for it gives Nora instant energy for a round of busybodying, saying that she's going to get Kevin to talk to Scotty about getting Rebecca a training job at his restaurant. Justin's in attendance and pipes up, "There you go," not that he liked it when Tommy stuck his nose in his job-related business. Then again, Nora's just fussy and overinvolved, while Tommy's a raging prick. (It took a while, and I still love Balthazar Getty, but I hate Tommy from stem to stern now. Die, ass.) Rebecca good-naturedly complains that Nora sounds like Holly, and apparently everyone thinks she's an aimless loser. Justin: "Aimless loser's my job." And we certainly don't want to see you two sharing aimless-loser status, although it would be preferable than seeing you share spit. Justin deftly deflects Nora's attempt to turn the job spotlight on him, so Nora then comes up with photography as a potential career for Rebecca. If only she had to narrow her choices down to the paths that could make her enough money to support herself, she'd have a much easier decision here. Being a trust-fund baby is complicated! The scene concludes with Justin making a joke that would be fit to end an episode of Scooby-Doo. Do you guys remember when Justin was like, the focus of the season? Thanks for stopping by this week, soldier!

The caption informs us that we're in "Greenville, South Carolina," and an "NBS" (is that a little shout-out to Steven Weber? He certainly deserves it; he was absolutely the best thing about that show) news poll informs us that Congressman Roy Taylor, a dark-horse candidate, is within one percentage point of Robert in Michigan, whose primary is only a week away. And unlike another party that shall remain nameless, their primary actually counts OH MY GOD DEMOCRATS GET IT TOGETHER THIS YEAR OF ALL YEARS. Robert mutes the TV in frustration, and he, Kitty, and Travis bicker pointlessly about how this guy could have come out of nowhere as he did and their campaign strategy until Isaac intones, "Robert, takin' the high road doesn't always get you where you want to go." A good platitude, however, is eminently reliable. Robert gets all "Them's fightin' words" about it, but Kitty, to her credit, plays the role of constructive peacemaker, saying they just need to up their timetable and head to Michigan immediately. She mentions her belief that "Governor Bryant" (of Michigan, it seems) is going to endorse Robert, but Isaac crabs that he's certainly taking his sweet time doing so. Robert, however, assures him that he's known the Governor "since boot camp," and his word that he'll come out for Robert is ironclad. Robert then orders Kitty's plan to be carried out, and Isaac mentions that he'll postpone his trip to California. Nora's going to have to visit a nearby mall to get over this new disappointment...oh, whoops, wrong Sally Field role. (I love that so much, though. "It's a crutch!") Kitty assures Robert that they just have to keep the faith, prompting Robert to smile and say she sounds like Jason, and he then regretfully notes that he hasn't even seen him since Jason got back to the States, and he also hasn't seen his kids since the wedding. "I probably wouldn't even see you if you didn't work for me." Words every newlywed hopes she'll hear. He leaves to pack, and Kitty looks pensive.

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