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While I'm at it, as I said earlier, this thing with the Governor was so stupid -- he won't endorse Robert for a lame reason, and then it ends up not mattering anyway. Couldn't they have had the Governor present Robert with a Morton's Fork -- maybe asked for some dirty concession in exchange for the endorsement? And also possibly mentioned how orange Rob is looking again? Most of this episode was reasonably well-written and very enjoyable, but it's a season finale, and as such is supposed to be thematic in tying things together. This "Compromises" theme doesn't gel -- if Jason's really conflicted about campaigning for his brother because he's a Republican, the show has done a terrible job of illustrating that. As for Robert, his entire compromise boiled down to having a fight with his brother that was over practically before it began? Nora and Isaac weren't even in the episode, for all intents and purposes, and Kitty certainly didn't have any dilemma to speak of. Pretty good episode; weak season finale, and I sympathize with the exigencies caused by the strike, but that doesn't make it any better. Anyway, Jason says they're both making compromises for a greater purpose, although that's a very generous way of looking at it. Robert's still questioning his belief in what he's doing, but Jason assures him that they were both called to serve, and Robert thanks him. And that's Robert entire crisis of faith. Well, nice that he had one, I suppose, even if didn't even last as long as most people's crises over what to wear in the morning. Robert laughs that the point may be moot in twenty-four hours anyway, as if the Michigan results could actually decide the nomination before Super Tuesday even happens. Jason then asks if Robert wants a drink, and the answer is, "Hell, yes." At least we get out of the scene on a high note.

Rebecca comes home to find Holly sitting in a chair looking through some photography books that David apparently gave to Rebecca. Rebecca gushes that David gave her a bunch of photography equipment, and Holly is happy about Rebecca's enthusiasm but less so about her spending time with David. Rebecca ignores that and snaps a few photos of Holly before mentioning that David showed her some old pictures of her, and then brings up the timeline of Holly's relationship with David and OH MY GOD STOP DRAGGING THIS SNOOZEFEST OUT. Holly assures her that her relationship with David ended in 1985, and we get a little photo-banter before she mercifully leaves the room. I love Patricia Wettig, and I don't think Season One would have been half as good without the Holly character, but man, this plotline is grim.

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