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Holly is over to thank David for helping Rebecca, enthusing that she's now actually thinking about enrolling in some college courses. David shows Holly the pictures of the two of them, and they happily reminisce until David tells her that if she doesn't leave, he's going to have to kiss her. Holly nods and says okay, and David points out that that doesn't exactly give him a clear signal on how to proceed. Holly confesses that she doesn't know what she meant, which is all the encouragement David needs to plant a reasonably chaste one on her. He smiles and notes that now she's going to leave, and with a fond smile, she does...

...and then Rebecca is looking at the photos of her mom, and then she picks up that damned one that David gave her, and turns it over to see there's no year on the back. Don't know what that means, and more importantly, don't care. Show, I love you despite your many faults, but if you think I'm going to spend the months between now and September wondering if Rebecca is really a Walker, you are, as Ed Rooney once said about Ferris Bueller, soooooooooooooooooorely mistaken. (Although I will note that this whole plotline might be a shout-out to Sars.)

Robert, Kitty, and the kids are playing Uno, and Robert complains that he's getting steamrolled. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll end up winning. Kitty wonders if the precincts might have reported, but Robert assures her that Travis will inform them if there's any news, so Kitty gets down to one card without saying "Uno," for which the kids rightly crack on her. Travis then comes in and announces that they took Michigan, and as Robert and Kitty kiss, the triumphant music swells, just like on Jack And Bobby. (That was low; I'm sorry.) Robert heads downstairs for the victory speech...

...and with the TV on, Nora gets a call from Isaac. She congratulates him on being so good at what he does, but he tells her how much he misses her. (The episode description told us "Nora realizes that Isaac is not the man she thought or hoped." Good one!) Elsewhere, Kitty and the kids happily watch as Robert talks about changing the country and blah. Jason is up there with him, and it's not like I'll complain one bit if Eric Winter is on next year if they give him something interesting to do, but...this is the end of the season? Really? With none of the Walkers together? On the one hand, I'll say that I hope next season picks up, because as I said, while I enjoyed the first forty-five minutes of this episode rather a lot, the season was pretty unsatisfying. On the other hand, the episode grade goes up automatically because of this: No Tommy! ["I hate you so much." -- Joe R]

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Brothers and Sisters




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