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In the morning, Kevin's getting dressed, and snarks to Scotty, "Oh, look! Stuffing my shirt!" Hee. Scotty tells him his friends were just being protective, as his history with Kevin has been "a little bit checkered." Kevin notes that he's not solely responsible for said checkering, and while it's probably not a subject that he himself wants to bring up, I'd point out that his steady for Kevin. NOT THAT I BLAME HIM. Scotty eventually admits that his friends think Kevin is uptight, which Kevin denies. Of course, the "Well, I never!" look on his face before he does so kind of proves Scotty's point. Scotty's stock rises as he counters, "Whatever you need to tell yourself." Hee. Kevin agitatedly says that he'll see Scotty after his "long, uptight day at work, " and as he leaves, Scotty calls after him that his friends at least think Kevin's cute. I should think so -- I didn't see any sunglasses or white canes.

We're now in Detroit, and Travis is laying out the next day's itinerary for Robert and Isaac. After some stuff about hunting and photo ops, Robert says he's going to call Governor Bryant, as they still don't have an appointment scheduled with him. Kitty then shows up -- with Robert's kids in tow, and the three of them are delighted to see each other. It gets better as Jason then appears, and the brothers happily hug (with Jason calling Robert "Robby," which I loved). Kitty's pleased as punch with her handiwork, until, out of earshot of the McCallister clan, Isaac tells her the scandal of which we're already aware -- he's the one that outed Jason ten years earlier. This leads us to the title card, and it's nice of the commercial break to give me the time to let me zone out while thinking of what Eric Winter looked like when he was twenty-one.

Team McCallister is out enjoying the offerings of a local carnival, which in my experience are always easiest to come by in the dead of winter. Over a game of ring tossing, Isaac compliments Kitty's initiative in bringing the kids, as Robert looks more relaxed than he has in a while. Kitty asks when Isaac's heading to California, and at first I figured she was trying to get him to visit Nora, but she actually wants to get rid of him to try to avoid an explosion over the Jason issue. She's probably especially concerned because she's the one that brought Isaac onto the team, and since I give Robert a lot of shit later on, it seems only fair to note that he doesn't sell Kitty out to Jason at any point. Isaac uncomfortably says he and Robert have come to terms with what he did, not that that diminishes Kitty's point. Everyone else joins them, and the kids aren't feeling well, so Kitty and Jason offer to take them back to the hotel while Robert heads off to his next stop.

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Brothers and Sisters




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