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Kitty's in bed reading, with one sleeping kid on each side of her, when Robert enters: "Now that is a photo." For someone who doesn't want to give her any kids of her own, he sure is willing to take advantage of her desire to be a mother. Kitty gushes that they're just like "little angels," and I know she tends to be kind of treacly, but let's not forget that she's babysat for Cooper. She can't be that naïve. Robert says he's going to get some sleep in the other room, and Kitty agrees that would be best so he doesn't get sick. Of course, the kiss he gives her runs counter to that goal, as she's burning up -- she's got the flu too. Robert gives her an "Oh, Alice" look before we go to commercial.

Back in the sickbed, the kids are now awake, but Kitty's having trouble keeping her head up. Sophie complains that the movies on demand are stupid, but Jack sees Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 listed and wants to watch it, and a fight over the remote ensues, much to Kitty's chagrin. ["Even more to Kitty's chagrin should be the prospect of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Nobody needs three hours of maritime territorial politics when you just want the kids to shut up." -- Joe R] She tells them to watch "something, anything," so when she turns back over, it's not the kids' fault that their viewing choice is accompanied by wocka-wocka music. Between that and the giggling, Kitty's not too woozy to check out what's going on, and when she sees whatever is ensuing on the screen, she grabs the remote away and changes the channel. The kids lawyer that she said they could watch anything, but she meant anything age-appropriate. She then gives the following explanation of porn: "That show is for grownups. It's for grownups who love each other, and love to watch...other grownups who love each other." I wonder how she'd explain a fetish film to them. Kitty says she's going to the bathroom, and the kids exchange a mischievous look. I'd suggest holding it in, Kitty, no matter what the bodily function in question is...

...but then Kitty's calling Nora for advice, and wondering if she remembers correctly that Ida once gave her brandy when she was sick. Nora: "Yes, but that was a different era and she was a terrible mother." Heh. Nora tries to bring up Isaac, but Kitty's not in any state to have that conversation, so Nora asks if Kitty remembers when she had chicken pox. Kitty does, and recalls how wonderfully Nora took care of her, but what she doesn't remember is that Sarah, Tommy, and Kevin all had it at the same time. I'm going to assume Justin wasn't born yet, although it's just as likely he turned his puppy-dog eyes on the virus and it decided to leave him alone. Also, Nora was sick as a dog herself and William was "out of town on business" (Nora doesn't inject this with any suspicion or even use finger-quotes -- how disappointing!). Her point? "Sometimes motherhood means sucking it up. Kitty? Go suck it up." Hee. Awesome. Nora disconnects before Kitty can spaz out too badly.

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Brothers and Sisters




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