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Kevin has brought Sarah to the spot from the night before, and they're sitting at the bar as Sarah orders shots of Patron and enthuses about the fun they're having. Kevin's attention is elsewhere, however, as he's aware of Scotty's presence in the room (it's never explicitly mentioned whether he knew for sure in advance that Scotty would be there, although it's heavily implied). Sarah notices Kevin's distraction, follows his eyes, and spots Scotty. She takes about three-quarters of a second to realize that they're there because "it's one of those 'I'll prove him wrong' nights." How awesome she is without that greasy-haired husband is almost inexpressible. Scotty's friends catch sight of Kevin, and when Scotty turns, Sarah gives him an awesomely hilariously enthusiastic wave. Hee. ["That was when Rachel Griffiths became my girlfriend, right there. I can't believe you stole this episode from me." -- Joe R] Kevin whispers, "Have fun! Have fun!" so they slam their shots and fake-laugh just in advance of Scotty coming over, and pleasantries are exchanged, with Kevin saying that Sarah wanted a night out and that she loves karaoke. Sarah promises that she and Kevin are going to do a duet, but Kevin isn't on board with that idea. Kevin, you are killing me, because I could die happy if I could see a Welshman and an Australian woman attempt a country accent on "Islands In The Stream." Scotty says they're welcome to join him and his friends, and Sarah says they will -- Kevin kicks her chair -- "later." Hee. Kevin's pissed that Scotty now expects him to perform, because people look stupid when they sing karaoke. Sarah orders two more shots and tells Kevin how uptight he is. "Do you want Scotty's friends to know what a warm, caring, fun guy Kevin Walker is?" I sure don't, but I have my own motivations. Kevin, however, gives a reluctant yes. Sarah: "Then drink up, and get stupid with me." That I can get behind.

Governor Bryant hands Robert a drink and this upshot: Taylor has momentum and is also known to hold a grudge, and he's not willing to risk his political career to back Robert. Robert reminds him that he campaigned for him, but Bryant is unmoved. At least he didn't respond "That was a long time ago," eh Robert? Robert says that Bryant should have told him sooner, and rises to leave. How dreadfully uninteresting that the reason he's not backing Robert has nothing to do with Robert. Yaaaaawn.

Back at the bar, Sarah and Kevin are looking at the book, and Sarah suggests they sing Dolly Parton. Oh my God, I didn't even remember she said that! Sarah, I'll sing with you! We can rely on each other! Sarah's choice is even better -- "9 To 5" -- but Kevin nixes that, as well as, much more understandably, "Free Bird." Sarah quickly gets fed up with Kevin's dithering, and seconds later she's up there singing "Believe." Kevin unhappily sits with Scotty as Scotty's friends get into Sarah's performance, which gets much better as it goes along (no idea whether that's actually her voice, but I'm guessing yes). I'd think the song was a little on-the-nose for Sarah's personal situation, except it's Cher's gayest song in a gay bar. This might just actually happen. My God, if anything beats Road-Trip Sarah, it's Drunken Gay Karaoke Sarah. By the end, Sarah's clapping her hands and getting everyone into it, and it's going to be one of those nights where she leaves the bar having made approximately a hundred new friends. Fuck off to Paris and never come back, Joe.

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Brothers and Sisters




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