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What's New, Pussycat?

Another round of shots goes down, and then Sarah sees Graham entering the bar. The boys ooh and ah over the "messenger," and when Kevin tries to tell them that he's a "stuffed shirt," one of the friends (like I care which one) says that he doesn't seem too buttoned-down to him. Kevin's response is to do another shot, and I hope that's not how he's expressing all his internal eye-rolling or he's going to end up getting his stomach pumped. Kevin stomps off, and Graham explains that he called a messenger, but he wasn't comfortable picking out a woman in an unknown bar. "But I can see that wouldn't have been difficult!' Hee. Sarah signs in all the right place, to a round of applause, and then asks Graham if being a divorcee makes her hotter. Graham's too good to actually say "Duh," but come on, honey. Sarah gets upstaged here, however, as an off-key, drunk, and completely terrified Kevin starts crooning "What's New Pussycat" from the stage, and hee hee hee hee I don't know if I can go on and how I love Matthew Rhys. Sarah and Graham apparently feel as I do, as they fight hard to restrain their giggles, but Scotty and Co. look horrified. My land, is there no pleasing them?

Actually, there is! Because Kevin is now, although half passed out, singing the Willie Nelson version of "Always On My Mind," and Scotty and Co. seem to be taking this as an expression of Kevin's feelings for Scotty, if their patented hands fluttered to the heart, taken straight from the Blanche Deveraux Memorial Playbook, are any indication. Quinn: "Okay, he's not uptight. When he's drunk." Hee. Scotty goes to rescue Kevin with a kiss, and then he helps him off the stage and probably into a pot of coffee. Still: Aw!

Robert is back with Jason, and confesses that he didn't get the endorsement. "It's probably your cosmic payback." Jason says he doesn't want payback, but Robert goes on that that's because Jason is good and forgiving, and he wishes he were more like him. Look, buddy, talk is cheap. You're an ambitious guy, and that's fine, but can you please own that? I mean, we all know that there's so much wrong with this election storyline, that it's both unrealistic and uninspiring, especially against the current political landscape, not to mention the fact that it's taking far too much screentime away from most of the Walkers. But this scene illustrates the primary reason it's been so dramatically unsatisfying -- there are no consequences for Robert, nor do there ever seem to be. He never sees his kids -- no problem! They still adore him! He makes a political decision to sell out his brother -- who cares? His fiancée and her family stir the ire of ultra-right-wingers? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! He doesn't want to give Kitty kids -- why would that bother her? I had no problem with Robert seeming perfect when he was more of a minor character, especially because he's Rob Lowe and he's always going to be doing something interesting with the material, but even he can't make Robert compelling when there are no negative results for the supposedly difficult choices he makes. And of course, this little bit with Jason was probably wrapped up so neatly because of the season's abrupt end, but I don't find that a good reason for this development. I know Jason and Robert are close, but Jason's also been written as kind of fiery, so I don't know why it's necessary for them to have this little schmaltz-fest.

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Brothers and Sisters




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